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The Pride of Japan, Amazake! The Superfood That is Beneficial For The Stomach And Skin Care

Amazake is actually a drink that was traditionally consumed during the summer season. Get that beautiful and flawless skin with amazake!


Amazake Really is a Summer Thing?! Amazake Not Only Prevents Fatigue Due to Summer Heat, But is Also Effective For Skin Care!

In the recent years, the focus of attention has been on amazake.
This usage of "amazake" refers not to the fermented rice drink that is made and distributed by shrines during the New Year, but the fermented rice drink that has zero alcohol content. However, you avid BIBEAUTÉ readers probably already know that!
As mentioned earlier, amazake does not contain any alcohol, so you can drink it in the mornings or even when you are not feeling well.
As amazake is made from fermented rice, its positive effects on the intestinal environment cannot be ignored. It not only promotes the growth of good bacteria, but also prevents the build-up of toxins in the human body.
Yes, a good intestinal environment is essential to flawless skin.
Achieve that dream of feeling beautiful both on the inside and out, by drinking some amazake!

Jump On This Year's Healthy Skin Bandwagon With Amazake

Of course, amazake is rich in nutrients and vitamins that are essential to flawless skin.
It is also perfect for combating fatigue due to the heat of summer, because the nutrients present in amazake is equivalent to a vitamin IV drip.
While practicing sports as a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle has been the talk of the town in recent years, Japanese summers can get brutally hot and unbearable, making it difficult to enjoy any form of outdoor sports at all. For such occasions, try taking in some amazake, which is also good for fatigue recovery, and help your body get back to top shape in no time!
Combined with proper intake of nutrients and exercise, the blood circulation will help your skin look flawless and supple, even without the power of makeup.

Skin Care Made Possible Using Only a Thermometer And Some Fermented Rice

Amazake is really easy to prepare.
If you have a thermometer and some fermented rice on hard, you can prepare some amazake from the comforts of your home.
Just mix the fermented rice with some thin porridge, and leave for 6 hours at around 60 °C. (Using a rice cooker will make the process a lot easier.)
By doing so, the fermentation process is completed, producing a really sweet amazake which can also be consumed as is, just like yogurt. Amazake can also be used as a substitute for sweeteners in cooking or desserts.
It is also a perfect partner to Japanese food.

For this year's summer, why don't you try using amazake to cleanse your body from within and get that healthy skin you've been always dreaming about?

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