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[Manga] Hokuou Joshi: Swedish Girl Åsa Discovers Japan All Over Again Okinawa Blown Away by Shuri Castle(69)

The rest of Japan's even more mysterious than Tokyo! Åsa, a manga artist from Stockholm, Sweden, sets off to discover a side of Japan she’s never seen before. Her travels take her to southern Tohoku, Fukuoka, Okinawa, Hiroshima, and Kyoto. There are all-new surprises and touching moments in store for her every step of the way. Read on and discover the quirks of Japan all over again through Åsa’s eyes in this essay comic!

Blown Away by Shuri Castle

Åsa’s comment

In Okawa, there was muntin latticework all over the place; I guess stone lions are Okinawa’s answer to that, ha ha. Still, I wasn’t expecting to see one in the bathroom. What a riot! I saw lion-shaped fish cakes at a restaurant, too…

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