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Hokuou Joshi: A Swedish Girl’s Life in Japan Volume 1, Chapter 5 (115)

Convenience store onigiri are way too handy! Why is it that Japanese girls can call just about anything “cute?” The guys at host bars are so hot, they’re like real-life anime characters! These are only some of the mysteries Swedish manga artist Åsa Ekström discovers in this journal comic about her journey from Scandinavia to Japan, which is jam-packed with surprises and laughs! >>> Chapter 5: I ♥ Japan (115)「I’ll Do My Best to Explain」


I’ll Do My Best to Explain

Åsa’s comment

Since I was fortunate enough to get this book published, I can say I’ve made manga in Japan. My dream really came true! It’s all thanks to all of the loyal readers who’ve been supporting this 4-panel manga of mine. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! ♥

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Writer: Åsa Ekström

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