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Japanese Convenience Stores and Cafes With Free WI-Fi, Including Spots With No Time Limit

In this article, you will be introduced to convenience stores and coffee shops throughout Japan where you can use Wi-Fi for free. It's sure to come in handy for your Japan trip, so make sure to check this article out!

Get Great Value at Japanese Convenience Stores and Cafes with d POINT!

d POINT is a point program with no sign-up or annual fees operated by Japan’s largest telecommunications company, NTT DOCOMO, INC. You can earn points just by showing your d POINT CARD when making purchases at d POINT Member Stores such as leading convenience store chains, McDonald's, cafes, and supermarkets. Accumulated points can be used for purchases at 1 JPY per point.

This article features several places where you can use Wi-Fi for free anywhere in Japan, such as the convenience store FamilyMart and cafes Doutor Coffee Shop and Ueshima Coffee. The three aforementioned establishments are d POINT Member Stores, so not only can you use their Wi-Fi for free, but you can also save while shopping at any of these stores!

If you are a d POINT member, then d Wi-Fi, which will be introduced next, is also recommended for you. We'll go over how to register for d POINT later, so if you're interested, make sure to register for membership!

Free High-Speed Wi-Fi! Just a Few Simple Settings for Immediate Access to d Wi-Fi

With the d POINT CLUB app, all it takes is an initial setup to access d Wi-Fi, a secure, high-speed Wi-Fi service provided by NTT DOCOMO that all d POINT CLUB members can use for free. It can support heavy usage and can be used in a variety of places frequented by travelers across Japan, such as cafes, convenience stores, and fast food chains, as well as on public transportation such as trains, subways, major stations, and airports. It is particularly useful as it can be used at the airport as soon as you arrive in Japan.

1. FamilyMart

FamilyMart is a major Japanese convenience store chain that has more than 16,000 branches nationwide. Free Wi-Fi is available at most FamilyMart stores in Japan; all you have to do is look for the sticker bearing the Wi-Fi symbol at the storefront or inside the store.

▼Usage restrictions
Up to 20 minutes per session (limited to three sessions per day)

FamilyMart is a d POINT Member Store, so you can also save on your shopping here!
I recommend the goodies from its original FAMIMA BAKERY brand. This series offers a wide array of high-quality breads, from sweet breads to savory pastries.

2. Doutor Coffee Shop

Doutor Coffee Shop is a popular coffee shop chain with more than 1,000 branches throughout Japan. Here, you can enjoy a small-sized Blend Coffee at a reasonable price, just 224 JPY (incl. tax). With its free Wi-Fi service, you can search various things while relaxing inside the cafe.

▼Usage restrictions
Up to 60 minutes per session (no limit on the number of sessions)

Another thing you’ll surely be happy about is that Doutor Coffee Shop is a d POINT Member Store!
It also has an extensive food menu, so I often go there in the morning and when I feel a little peckish.

2. Doutor Coffee Shop

3. Ueshima Coffee

Ueshima Coffee is a cafe chain that has more than 100 branches in Japan. It is famous for its premium coffee that uses select coffee beans from farms all over the world.

▼Usage restrictions
No limit on time and number of sessions

Ueshima Coffee is a d POINT Member Store, so you can enjoy authentic coffee at a great price!
I recommend its signature Milk Coffee series. You will surely be hooked to the exquisite balance between the bitterness of the fine coffee and the mild taste of the milk.

4. McDonald's

The popular fast food chain McDonald's has more than 2,900 outlets all over Japan. It offers a variety of food items that are only available in Japan, such as the Teriyaki McBurger (340 JPY (incl. tax)) and the Shrimp Filet-O (390 JPY (incl. tax))! I often use the Wi-Fi at McDonald’s, and it’s quite fast and extremely easy to use.

▼Usage restrictions
Up to 60 minutes per session (no limit on the number of sessions)

4. McDonald's

5. Starbucks

The world-famous coffee shop chain Starbucks has more than 1,500 branches in Japan. Here, you can enjoy Japan-exclusive tumblers as well as drinks original to Japan, such as those that incorporate cherry blossoms and matcha green tea. In addition, there are many unique Starbucks branches that are sure to make you feel a traditional Japanese vibe, such as the Kyoto Ninenzaka Yasaka Chaya Branch in Kyoto that is located in a 100-year old Japanese-style house!

▼Usage restrictions
Up to 60 minutes per session (no limit on the number of sessions)

5. Starbucks

Get Great Value on Your Purchases in Japan with d POINT!

You can register for d POINT through the link below! It can be used at FamilyMart, Doutor Coffee Shop, Ueshima Coffee, and other Member Stores, so do try to register.

What is d POINT

You can enjoy deals on cuisine and goods at some of the shops introduced in this article

Make sure to refer to this article when you’re looking for free Wi-Fi spots in Japan. If you know about these spots, you can use free Wi-Fi without worrying about data fees when you suddenly need to search for something!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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