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3 Japanese Instagrammers to Follow to Stay on Top of the Latest Japanese Food Trends

Get all the latest Japanese foodie news. Read on for 3 of the biggest Japanese food bloggers right now. Here is a variety of Instagrammers who are experts in all sorts of genres, from meat dishes and trendy gourmet cuisine to sweets!

Ryo-kun Gourmet (@uryo1113)

Ryo-kun Gourmet” is immensely popular with Japanese youths. This is the guy that started the unprecedented bubble tea boom in Japan right now. This Instagrammer holds so much sway that when an establishment is featured on Ryo-kun Gourmet, the next day tons of people march on that establishment. If you check out Ryo-kun Gourmet, you’re bound to pick up all the latest foodie news at a glance. This Instagrammer posts about all kinds of food news, from noodles and meat dishes to sweets and drinks.

Ryo-kun Gourmet’s Recommendations

【Matsudo Tomita Noodles Kizuna】
Matsudo Tomita Noodles Kizuna is a ramen shop at Tokyo Station. This shop is run by the famous ramen shop “Chuka Soba Tomita”. The “Rich Tsukemen Regular” (920 JPY) is a lavish dish in which you dip thick noodles into a rich seafood flavored soup.

Sushibun is a sushi restaurant located in Ebisu, Tokyo. The Ebisu-don (1,000 JPY) of which only 10 bowls are sold per day, is a luxury seafood don (rice bowl) with a lavish array of toppings such as salmon roe, flying fish roe, and minced tuna. It’s highly recommended to go here right after the restaurant opens if you want to eat this dish.

Fallindebu Hasshi (@fallindebu)

Fallindebu Hasshi” is a popular foodie blogger in Japan. The moment he posts on Instagram he gains tons of followers and, nowadays, he is even popular on television. His professional qualifications include a Professor of Meat and experience as a rice sommelier. Armed with superior knowledge, this instagrammer visits 1,000 establishments in a year. “What should I eat today?” When this thought crosses your mind, check Fallindebu Hasshi's Insta. Predominately oriented around energy-loaded meat cuisine, you’ll find information about a wide variety of gourmet news, regardless of whether it's Western-style or traditional Japanese.

Fall-in-debu Hasshi's Recommendations

【Niku ya!】
Niku ya! is a yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) restaurant in Nagahoribashi, Osaka. The "Special Selection Course" (7,800 JPY excl. tax) featuring all kinds of meat dishes, from thinly sliced tongue and grilled tail, to steak, is a meat lover’s dream course! The best part is that all of these meat dishes use wagyu beef!

THE GOOD VIBES is a hamburger restaurant in Shibaurafuto, Tokyo. The “House-made Pastrami Sandwich" (1,450 JPY excl. tax) that uses properly aged Japanese beef is a meaty, juicy, masterpiece.

Hanatomo (@hanatomo84)

Hanatomo” is a “sweets concierge” certified by the Japan Sweets Association. This Instagrammer is a professional sweets writer that the world of sweets can't do without. If you’re looking for information about sweets anywhere in Japan, check out Hanatomo’s Insta. This Instagrammer posts only photogenic sweets whose deliciousness is conveyed through the photos alone. Hanatomo posts about all kinds of desserts, from adorable sweets to unusual items, focused mainly on incredible fluffy pancakes.

Hanatomo's Recommendations

【Cucina Acero】
Cucina Acero is a cafe restaurant in Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture. Their popular, signature menu item, “Fluffy Pancakes with House-made Maple Syrup and Fresh Cream” (900 JPY incl. tax), is a satisfying 3-layer stack of soft, velvety pancakes. The harmony between the fresh cream and house-made maple syrup is the best.

【Light Cafe】
Light Cafe is a cafe popular for pancakes, located in front of Nagoya Station. The “Strawberry Cream Cheese Benedict Pancakes" (1,280 JPY excl. tax) combines plump strawberries and strawberry cream cheese in fluffy pancake dough.

Were you able to find a Japanese food blogger that you like? Follow them for the latest foodie news so you can enjoy all the best gourmet food trends in Japan.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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