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Collection of Small DIY Crafts & Gift Wrapping with Masking Tape!

Cute masking tapes are extremely light and come in a wide variety of designs, so they are perfect for souvenirs! Many of you have probably seen them sold at stationery shops and other stores in Japan. Did you know, though, that there are a lot of different ways you can use masking tape? This article will go over the many ways to use them, from standard uses to surprising methods! How about buying some masking tape and making little DIY projects with them?

What is Masking Tape?

Masking tape was originally used for painting and sealing wall joints. However, its easy-to-peel characteristic has caught the attention of people, transforming it into a very popular and stylish stationery item! These days, a wide array of masking tapes bearing cute patterns and designs are sold in the market.
If you feel like trying to make crafts or decorate using masking tape after reading this article, you can buy it at LOFT, Tokyu Hands and other stores, even at 100-yen shops.

Customize Your Notebook with Masking Tape

It would be really easy to make your notebook look cute with masking tape!
There are times when after you have written an appointment in your notebook, your schedule suddenly changes, right? When that happens, don’t fret. All you have to do is write on a strip of masking tape and then place the tape over the entry in your notebook that you want to alter and voila! The entry has been changed!
Another great way to use masking tape is to cut it into a triangle and then attach it on the corner of the box indicating the calendar day to display the same thing several times, such as a lesson. It will save you time writing and you can use the space to jot down other appointments.
Note, though, that there are some masking tapes that have smooth, processed surfaces where water-based pens and other inks will not stick. If you want to write something on the tape, it would be best to choose the kind of masking tape that does not have a smooth surface or the type where you can write with water-based pen.

Decorate Gift Wrapper with Masking Tape

The very fact that masking tapes are colorful makes them the best item for wrapping presents!
Out of the countless ways to wrap gifts, below are two ways to create tasteful decorations that even beginners can do.

[Beginners] Fix the message card in place
Put the gift inside a clear plastic or plain paper bag so that the cute masking tape will be noticeable. Attach the card on the bag and then fix it in place with masking tape.

[Advanced] Make a flag garland with masking tape
Prepare several types of masking tape and a thin string (hemp twine is recommended). Cut the masking tape into approximately 5cm pieces, place the string vertically at the middle of the tape, and then fold the tape so that it wraps around the string. Do this several times using different colors of tape. It would look cute without a gap in between the flags or with a gap that’s about 5mm wide. After you’ve made several pieces, cut the masking tape pieces attached to the string into the shape of small flags. Put the garland you made on a bag to add beautiful colors to the wrapper.

Use Masking Tape as Bookmark

A bookmark is something that would be easy to make using your favorite masking tape. You simply stick masking tape to a base of plain paper and you’re done! Any kind of paper will do, but it would be best to use a thick type. If you punch a hole through it, you can even make a ribbon with the tape.
When it comes to how the masking tape should be applied, you can cover the entire base with masking tape or stick the tape vertically or diagonally in a random manner.
It's easy to make, so you can also give it as a gift.

[Extra] Try This Way of Using Masking Tape, Too!

Decorate Keyboard Buttons with Masking Tape

There’s a trick that will let you transform your boring PC into a cute PC in a flash: put masking tape on the keyboard buttons! While there may be those who think that it would be difficult to cover all the buttons, you can actually just put masking tape on the space bar and enter key and your keyboard will be cuter already.
Lots of people do this using several kinds of tape. However, if you are not confident in your ability to choose tasteful patterns, then you can also try the gradation method that goes from white to light blue, and from pale blue to dark blue.

Masking Tape Instead of Nail Polish

It might come as a bit of a shock to you, but masking tape can also be used on nails instead of nail polish! All you would need are your favorite masking tapes, top coat, and scissors. Attach the masking tape on your nail, cut it in the shape of the nail and then put a top coat on it. That’s it!
You can also put the masking tape on half of the nail and apply top coat on the tape and nail to make what they call French tip manicure bearing your preferred design!
You can also cut the masking tape into random, small pieces and then apply glitter nail polish on top of the masking tape.

What do you think? Many people find themselves buying masking tapes because of their adorable designs but end up not using them at all. Note that aside from the methods featured in this article, there are many other wonderful uses of masking tape! So, collect plenty of masking tapes with cute designs and try to decorate your own stuff with beautiful patterns.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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