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Reduce the Cost of Your Japan Trip with d POINT!

Traveling isn't cheap, so it's always nice to find ways to make it slightly more affordable, right? This article will cover d POINT, a service that will help you do just that!

About d POINT

d POINT is a point-based rewards program managed by NTT DOCOMO, INC., one of the major mobile phone operators in Japan. It requires no initiation or annual fees to register and use. It can be used at various d POINT Member Stores around Japan, including fast food restaurants, sit down restaurants, convenience stores, drug stores, and so on.

Under the d POINT program, earning and using points is very simple, even for first-timers. First, register as a member with d POINT. When you're at a store or restaurant, show your d POINT CARD at the register, and you'll be able to earn points.
The earned points can then be used the next time you're paying for something at 1 yen per point.

Register an Account with d POINT
d POINT CARD Pickup Locations
How Many Points Can I Get with d POINT?

What Other Benefits Are There as a d POINT Member?

Besides the point-based rewards program, d POINT members will also get many other great benefits.

300 Points for Free!

In addition to earning points at the register, you'll get 300 points (equivalent to 300 yen) for free from the start!
It's actually very simple. Get your d POINT CARD at one of the designated pickup locations and follow the steps to get to the promotional site. Sign up to become a d POINT member (it'll be even smoother if you register in advance) and log in, and you'll get 300 points right on the spot!

With these first 300 points, you can buy a small tasty treat or go shopping! You can even tack on these points to the points you'll collect at various points throughout your travels and tactfully use them all up at the very end of your trip!

It's free to register, so be sure to sign up for a d POINT membership to try it out!

How to Get 300 Points After Registering with d POINT

You Can Even Get Premium Discount Coupons

As a d POINT member, you can also get some exclusive discount coupons.
You can get d POINT member exclusive discounts on many kinds of services. Examples include baggage drop-off services, which are convenient when you want to travel without any extra luggage dragging you down, as well as duty-free shops and electronics retail stores, which are perfect for souvenir shopping.

Check Out the Premium Discount Coupons Offered

There Are Many Other Great Perks!

There are many other great perks as well.

Check Out Other Great Perks

How to Use Points

How do you go about using your points? Keep reading to learn more!

[ Get Ready to Use Points During Your Travels in Japan! ]

1. First, register as a d POINT member.
 *It's recommended that you do this either before your trip, or before you get your d POINT CARD.
Register an Account with d POINT

2. Get your d POINT CARD!
d POINT CARD Pickup Locations

3. Get 300 points for free!
How to Get Free 300 Points(equivalent to 300 yen)

After you finish doing all of this, take your d POINT CARD and go enjoy your travels!

[ Go Shopping! ]

For example, you can go shopping with your points! Go to TOKYU HANDS, a store that sells various items, stationery, and kitchen goods; MatsumotoKiyoshi, a drug store popular with tourists looking for souvenirs; the electronics store EDION; animate, an anime goods and manga specialty store that every anime fan out there knows about; and many other stores, and you'll be able to get points based on the total cost of your purchase after showing your membership card.

[ Take a Cafe Break ]

After shopping, take a short break at a cafe - another perfect moment to use the d POINT CARD. How about some coffee at DOUTOR COFFEE SHOP, a chain that can be found all over Japan? You can get a free coffee with those 300 points (equivalent to 300 yen) you got right after registration!

[ After Your Break, Go Join a Japanese Culture Class ]

ABC Cooking, a famous Japanese cooking school and one of d POINT's Member Stores, offers 1-day cooking classes in English. They have a variety of 1-day courses that teach you how to make Japanese food and Japanese sweets, so if you're interested in Japanese cuisine, be sure to give it a try.

[ Eat Some Delicious Food! ]

If you're more interested in eating than cooking, there are a lot of really great restaurants that you are sure to enjoy.
If you're visiting Japan, you can't miss out on eating some delicious sushi! Head on over to high-quality sushi restaurant UMAI Sushikan. They can be found in very convenient locations, so you can even stop by in between sightseeing.

If you're a meat lover, then Hirata bokujo is definitely a top pick. Be sure to order the popular Japanese food, tonkatsu! Tonkatsu refers to thick cuts of pork that are covered in breadcrumbs and deep fried, resulting in a crispy yet juicy meal that you'll immediately be hooked on after one taste.

You can use your d POINT CARD at all of the restaurants and stores that were introduced here, and there are many other establishments that apply as well!

Check Out d POINT Member Stores

Be sure to check out this service and refer to it while making your travel plans!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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