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Only found in Japanese fast-food restaurants; An introduction to menus at renowned fast-food restaurants

One of the pleasures you can enjoy while traveling is the food cultures unique to certain countries. Famous sushi restaurants and Japanese foods are great, but why don't you try visiting some international fast food restaurants? The restaurants may seem regular, but there are options on the menu that can only be seen in Japan.

Sometimes I just want to try the taste of home

When visiting a country for the first time, you probably want to enjoy something that is popular with the locals.
Trying out different ingredients and seasonings really immerses you in that new country. It’s in these moments that you can really sense being in a different country.

But we can sometimes grow tired of eating Japanese food every day.
Sometimes we may miss the taste of home, like hamburgers and sandwiches.

World-class fast food restaurants are a godsend in such times.
Being able to see a familiar logo and menu can soothe the unsettling feeling of being homesick.
Despite them being global chain stores, there are many options on Japanese menus that differ from those abroad.

Here, I will introduce Japanese limited menus of the world's fast food restaurants. It can be a first time experience regardless of a familiar taste.

What different dishes can we find on the menus of famous fast food restaurants in Japan?

There are many world-class fast food restaurants you can enjoy in Japan.
Many of them have their own limited menu that only exists in Japan.
What kind of original menus do shops with familiar logos actually have?
I will introduce a few of these recommended menus.


The most famous fried chicken restaurant in the world has got to be Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Its original chicken made from a secret recipe is beloved the world over.

At Kentucky Fried Chicken, we recommend "Japanese style chicken cutlet sandwich", a menu limited to Japanese stores.
The chicken cutlet made with Japanese chicken is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, a taste only available in Japan. In addition, it’s seasoned with teriyaki, which is a nice Japanese touch!
It is a very luxurious dish with sweet and spicy teriyaki sauce, rich special mayonnaise, and buns made of whole wheat flour.

Also, the Colonel Crispies, which are characterized by a crispy coating and boneless meat, actually uses original Japanese seasoning.
If you're a Kentucky Fried Chicken lover, give it a try!


If you're in the mood for a sandwich, I recommend Subway!
As you would expect, the type of bread, choice of vegetables, main ingredients, and toppings are customizable in Japan too!

The Japanese limited menu we recommend at Subway is definitely the "Shrimp and Avocado" and "Prosciutto & Mascarpone".
The combination of plump shrimp and rich avocado is an exquisite combination that is often thought to be the most popular in Japan.
The taste and texture are sublime, so please try it.

There are also other limited-time options available at Subway.
Why don't you enjoy a visit to this familiar store?


Hamburgers are indeed the king of fast food.
Wendy's is a worldwide burger chain originating from the United States.
Wendy's classic products such as Wendy's Burger USA and Honey Mustard Chicken Burger are also available, so you can savor the familiar taste.

But in fact, most of the Wendy's menus in Japan are original menus only available in Japan, except for some standard items.
There are various dishes that have a Japanese taste such as the UMAMI Chicken Tatsuta Sandwich and the Wasabi Soy Sauce Mayo Chicken Burger, and others with names of famous Japanese locations, such as ROPPONGI Bacon Egg Burger.
Desserts include shaved ice with sweet syrup, and Japanese shiratama cream zenzai with soft ice cream topped with sweetly boiled Azuki beans and glutinous rice dumplings. Why not give these new menus a go?

Japanese food is good, but I want to eat fast food once in a while!

In 2013, "Japanese cuisine", Japan's traditional food culture, was registered as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage.
There are many unique food cultures and dishes that can only be enjoyed here in Japan.

This food culture is not something that can only be enjoyed at high-class Japanese restaurants or traditional Japanese restaurants.
The features of Japanese cuisine such as "Varieties of fresh ingredients", "Annual Events and seasonal menus", and "nutritional balance" are even incorporated into fast food menus.
Don't you think the experience of feeling Japanese food culture in a global fast food chain is a unique experience that cannot be experienced anywhere else?

Famous restaurants like the ones in guidebooks are good, but it's definitely a valuable experience to try unfamiliar menus at restaurants with familiar logos.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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