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3 Simple Origami Models to Make on Your Journey – Flower, Helmet, and Box

A part of Japan’s popular culture that has been handed down from generation to generation, origami is the art of breathing life into a single piece of paper in order to create flowers, animals and various other designs through folding. How about trying your hand at folding some easy patterns of origami that has come to be loved not just in Japan, but all over the world?

Origami - Looks Difficult But Is Actually Quite Easy

Origami fans and professional origami artists worldwide have been creating and presenting origami models that leave the world truly amazed. The title of this article might get you thinking that origami is something that is hard to do. However, origami is actually very easy. It is a form of art that you can immediately jump into any time you feel like it.

Origami has been a beloved art in Japan since ancient times because it is a part of popular culture that adults and children can enjoy together. It does not require special knowledge or skills, so you can start this beloved activity right away.

Having said that, here are instructions on how to make an origami flower, box, and helmet.

1. Flower

Lowers are a typical motif of origami, so typical that they are featured in virtually all origami books on the market. There are various flowers that you can fold, such as rose and hydrangea. In this article, however, you will be taught how to fold the morning glory flower.

The secret to folding a morning glory is to make every crease neat and folded properly. That may sound troublesome, but note that having clearly defined creases will not only make the succeeding steps easier, but will also affect the finished look of your origami.
The final process in making the flower involves the opening of the origami so it looks like a flower that is blooming. This part requires some skill, but the secret to making the flower bloom beautifully is to open it as wide as you can without tearing the paper. For the leaves, use a paper that is smaller than the one you used for the flower. If you fold the paper you used for the flower in half, fold it again in half to make creases and then open it, you will have created four square shapes. Cut the paper along the creases using a cutter or some other tool to get a size that is just the right size for making leaves.

2. Helmet

The helmet resembles the headpiece used in battles by samurai and other warriors in the olden days. Japanese helmets were notable just as much for their unique designs as for their utility in protecting the head during battle. Regarded as an art form, the helmet is also said to be a legacy that speaks volumes about the history of Japan.

The most striking part of the helmet is believed to be the hoe-shaped horn (“kuwagata” in Japanese) that adorns the front of the helmet. The horns are the parts of the helmet that pack the most impact as they symbolize the design of the helmet. You can adjust the angle of this folded part according to your preference. It is bound to be a lot of fun to create your own story by coloring or modifying the shape of the origami helmet.
You can also make a helmet that can actually fit your head by cutting a newspaper or some other large piece of paper into square and folding it into a helmet. Enjoy making an origami helmet with your children.

3. Box

The last origami on the list is the box.
Unlike highly entertaining origami models such as flower and helmet, the box is something that is actually practical. You can use it as a sort of small wastebasket on your desk, or you can turn it into an accessory case by using origami paper with various designs. If you make two boxes, you can even make the other one into a lid.

The major point in skillfully making a box is to align every corner perfectly and fold the paper in a precise manner. If you carefully perform each process without rushing, then you can complete a box with a beautiful square shape. Creating an origami box is not really that hard, so anybody can do it since the only thing it requires is folding the paper carefully.

The World of Origami With A Rich Repertoire

This article featured the ways for folding flower, helmet and box, but it has to be said that there are probably as many types and designs for origami as there are stars in the sky. Some expert origami artists can even fold dinosaurs using a large paper, or a small crane using a tiny piece of paper. If you are not satisfied with simple folding techniques, then you might want to try making a folded paper crane that is considered as another representative model of origami.
Japanese bookstores and other establishments carry a variety of origami books for children and adults. For those who want to enjoy origami with their children and those who want to pursue it as a hobby, be sure to pick up an origami book at a bookstore when you come to Japan.

People love origami, a genre of popular culture that best represents Japan, for being something that they can easily enjoy at their destination or while they are traveling. It is also recommended as a small gift or souvenir, so try to experience the fun of origami when you come to Japan.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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