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Sit Back and Relax! 5 Recommended Internet Cafes with Private Rooms

Internet cafes are all the rage in Japan recently, and many new ones that value safety and comfort and offer never-before-seen services are opening up around the country. Keep reading to find out about 5 internet cafes in Japan with comfortable spaces to sit back and relax.

About Internet Cafes

While internet cafes started off simply as places where you can pay to use the internet and read manga (Japanese comics) for a set period of time, recently they have started to offer entertainment services such as karaoke and darts, and hospitality services such as showers and personal rooms, making them a good, versatile substitute for spending the night in a hotel.
Before you are able to use an internet cafe you will have to become a member, so it is important to bring personal identification with you. If you are a foreign visitor to Japan, make sure you have your passport!

1. Kaikatsu Club

Kaikatsu Club, a nationwide internet cafe chain with bright and inviting interiors, is hard to beat when it comes to popularity and ease of use! You can be assured that the quality of service will be top-notch no matter which of the several locations you visit. They are committed to welcoming female customers, and some locations are even outfitted with women-only areas designed to look like a villa in Bali. There is also a security gate set in place, so anyone can stay there with peace of mind.

2. aprecio

As a relaxation facility that values the comfort of its customers, aprecio offers over 10 types of seats to choose from, a plentiful cafe menu, and much more. Throughout its locations it offers soundproof internet rooms, private rooms, women-only areas, Thai massages, and other services to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable time for its guests. Why not venture out to the closest one to you and see what services they have for you to enjoy?

3. DiCE

DiCE is an internet cafe chain centered around the greater Tokyo area. It is characterized by having all private rooms, and a few of the locations even have VIP rooms for 1 - 6 guests that you can lock with your card key just like hotel rooms! These rooms are a bit on the luxurious side though, so they might be too pricey for single guests. Try visiting here with your partner or with a group of friends!

4. Jiyu Kukan

Jiyu Kukan is a nationwide internet cafe chain with locations from Hokkaido to Kyushu that is based around the concept of "a free space for play and healing." As the concept implies, this internet cafe allows you to surf the web, read manga, play online games and billiards, and take part in a variety of other activities as much as you want! They are increasingly opening up locations with lockable private rooms and women-only areas, so it is a great place to visit for wide variety of needs.

4. Jiyu Kukan


This internet cafe chain is based mainly around the Kanto region and allows guests to customize their time spent there so they can create and enter their own world! In addition to all the rooms being lockable private rooms, they are also soundproof and as clean and orderly as you might expect from a hotel. They also offer shower rooms, laundry services, and rental "Nanoe" hair-dryers, showing a great level of nuanced hospitality! It is a great place to visit even if you are not interested in using the internet and just want to enjoy some "me time."

All of the internet cafes showcased above are indicative of the ever-evolving world of Japanese net cafes. They all make great choices to spend a pleasant time relaxing. Please visit one or more of them if you have the chance!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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