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Japanese Phrases to Make Your Trip More Enjoyable【Nightlife Edition】

Traveling is always more fun when you understand the language. So this time, we introduce some phrases to use when you are out and about at night.

May I sit next to you?

If you see someone you're interested in at a bar or counter seating, you'll want to take the seat next to them. Use the phrase below to ask whether you can sit beside them.

[jp] 隣に座ってもいいですか? (tonari ni suwatte mo ii desu ka?)

Use the following phrase if you want to speak more casually.

[jp] 隣に座ってもいい? (tonari ni suwatte mo ii?)

May I talk to you now?

If you want to enjoy a conversation with someone you bump into, first ask the question below:

[jp] 今、お話してもいいですか? (ima, ohanasi shitemo ii desu ka?)

The following phrasing gives a more causal impression.

[jp] 今、話してもいい? (ima, hanashi temo ii?)

Would you like to have a drink with me?

When you want to have a drink with someone, use the phrase below:

[jp] いっしょにお酒を飲みませんか? (issho ni osake o nomima sen ka?)

If you want to use a more casual expression, use the following phrase:

[jp] いっしょに飲まない? (issho ni noma nai?)

Would you like to dance?

Use the phrase below if you want to dance with someone you meet at a club or elsewhere.

[jp] いっしょに踊りませんか?  (issho ni odori masen ka?)

When you want to be more casual, use the following phrase:

[jp] いっしょに踊らない? (issho ni odora nai?)

Would you like to go to Karaoke?

If you want to invite someone to go to Karaoke, use the phrase below:

[jp] カラオケに行きませんか? (karaoke ni iki masen ka?)

Use the following phrase to sound more casual:

[jp] カラオケ行かない? (karaoke ika nai?)

How was it? This time, we introduced some phrases to use when you are out at night. We encourage you to try them out and enjoy communicating with people you meet.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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