D_Cide Traumerei Anime Confirms July 10 Debut!

Get a glimpse of the anime's intense atmosphere with the new trailer. | D_Cide Traumerei Anime Confirms July 10 Debut!

Upcoming anime D_Cide Traumerei The Animation has revealed its July 10 premiere date along with a trailer and key visual! D_Cide Traumerei The Animation is part of a multimedia project launched by entertainment company Bushiroad and game developers Sumzap and Drecom. Set in Shibuya, the anime follows a cheerful high school boy named Ryuhei Oda, who witnessed the strange death of his older brother when he was in elementary school. Spending his days kickboxing, Ryuhei begins to have odd dreams after he is bitten by a mysterious creature named Tris. D_Cide Traumerei The Animation airs from July 10, 2021. ©D_CIDE TRAUMEREI PROJECT ©D_CIDE TRAUMEREI ANIME Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

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