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Japanese Phrases to Learn For An Enjoyable Shopping Experience

Shopping is one of the pleasures of traveling! Recently, shops that can support English speaking tourists have increased so it's easier to shop comfortably, but it still isn't enough. Here are some convenient Japanese phrases to know!

When you're choosing an item

【Commonly used phrases】

(1) You've found something you like, but you can't find the size or color you want. Try using these phrases to ask a staff member if there are any variations on the items.

[en] Are there other sizes?
[jp] サイズ違いはありますか? (saizu chigai wa arimasu ka?)

[en] Are there other colors?
[jp] 色違いはありますか? (iro chigai wa arimasu ka?)

(2) When you want to try on some clothing, please ask the staff with using this phrase.

[en] May I try this on?
[jp] 試着してもいいですか? (shichaku shitemo ii desu ka?)

(3) When you want to pick up luxury brand items, art pieces, or easily broken items, it's etiquette to ask a staff member first.

[en] May I pick this up?
[jp] 手にとってもいいですか? (teni tottemo ii desu ka?)

(4) Use this phrase to ask how much an item costs.

[en] How much does this cost?
[jp] これはいくらですか? (korewa ikura desu ka?)

(5) When you make a decision, you can point to the item or directly hand it to the staff member.

[en] I'd like this, please.
[jp] これをください。 (kore o kudasai.)

(6) If you'd like to ask if you can enjoy tax-free shopping, please use this phrase when talking to the store employee.

[en]Do you offer tax-free shopping?
[jp] 免税手続きはできますか? (menzei tetsuzuki wa dekimasu ka?)

【Convenient phrases suitable for many situations】

(1) This phrase can be used when you're asking about a place. You can replace the ○○ with product or store names.

[en] Where is ○○?
[jp] ○○はどこにありますか? (○○ wa doko ni arimasu ka?)

[en] cash register [jp] レジ (reji)
[en] information desk [jp] 案内所 (annaijo)
[en] souvenir shop [jp] お土産売り場 (omiyage-uriba)
[en] tax-free products [jp] 免税品 (menzeihin)

When you're paying

【Commonly used phrases】

(1) Normally, the item you bought will be put in a bag and handed over, but if you want it wrapped, you can use this phrase when you're paying to ask for it.

[en] Please wrap this.
[jp] ラッピングをお願いします。 (rappingu o onegai shimasu.)

(2) If you bought a lot of stuff or you have luggage with you, sometimes there's a convenient service where you can ship it to your hotel or the airport. Please use this phrase to ask the employee if it's possible.

[en] Do you offer shipping?
[jp] 配送できますか? (haisou dekimasu ka?)

【Convenient phrases suitable for many situations】

(1) You can use the following phrase when you want to ask if you can use card or other forms of currency. Even if it's a store that can accept credit cards, some brands may not be expected. In these situations, you can put the brand name or payment option in the ○○ in order to ask if they can be used.

[en] Can I use ○○?
[jp] ○○は使えますか? (○○ wa tsukae masu ka?)

[en] credit card [jp] クレジットカード(kurejitto-kaado)
[en] debit card [jp] デビットカード(debitto-kaado)
[en] dollars [jp] ドル(doru)

Convenient numbers to know

(1) There are plenty of times when you will use numbers during shopping, such as the number of items you want or price. Here are some numbers that will be useful to know.

2:二 (ni)
3:三 (san)
4:四 (yon,shi)
5:五 (go)
6:六 (roku)
7:七 (nana,shichi)
9:九 (kyu)
10:十 (juu)
100:百 (hyaku)
1000:千 (sen)
10000:万 (man)
100000:十万 (juu-man)
100000:百万 (hyaku-man)
11:十一 (juu-ichi)
20:二十 (ni-juu)
31:三十一 (san-ju-ichi)
400:四百 (yon-hyaku)

Once you master these Japanese phrases, you can enjoy a very comfortable shopping experience!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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