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Useful Japanese Phrases to Use at Hotels and Ryokans

Although many lodgings have English-speaking staff, some do not. Here are some Japanese phrases that can be useful in such situations.

At Check-In

【Common phrases】

(1) If you have not made reservations, first check availability at the front desk. Insert the number of guests in the ○ portion and confirm availability.

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[en] We have ○ people. Are there any rooms?
[jp] ○人です。部屋はありますか? (○nin desu. heya wa ari masu ka?)

(2) If you have made a reservation, use the following phrase at the front desk.

[en] I have a reservation under the name ○○.
[jp]予約した○○です。 (yoyaku shita ○○ desu.)

(3) It would be convenient to leave your bags if you want to see the town before checking in. In such cases, ask at the front desk using the following phrase.

[en] Will you hold our luggage for us?
[jp]荷物を預かってもらえますか? (nimotsu o azukatte morae masu ka?)

(4) Use the following phrase when you want to communicate in English. First, check whether there are any English speakers using this phrase.

[en] Is there anyone who speaks English?
[jp]英語が話せる人はいますか? (eigo ga hanaseru hito wa imasu ka?)

【Convenient phrases you can use with different words】

(1) You may feel more comfortable checking the time for meals and check-out in advance. Use the following phrase to check.

[en] ○○ is from what time? ○○ is until what time?
[jp]○○は何時からですか? ○○は何時までですか? ((○○ wa nanji kara desu ka? ○○ wa nanji made desu ka? )

[en] check-in [jp] チェックイン (chekku-in)
[en] check-out [jp] チェックアウト (chekku-auto)
[en] restaurant [jp] レストラン (resutoran)
[en] bath [jp] お風呂 (ofuro)
[en] breakfast [jp] 朝食 (choushoku)
[en] dinner [jp] 夕食 (yuushoku)

During Your Stay

【Convenient phrases you can use with different words】

(1) Use the following phrases when you want to ask whether there are certain facilities or supplies.

[en] Do you have ○○?
[jp]○○はありますか? (○○ wa arimasu ka?)

[en] Where is ○○?
[jp]○○はどこですか? (○○ wa doko desu ka?)

[en] bath [jp] 風呂 (ofuro)
[en] restaurant [jp] レストラン (resutoran)
[en] bar [jp] バー (baa)
[en] coffee shop [jp] 喫茶店 (kissaten)
[en] hair dryer [jp] ドライヤー (doraiyaa)
[en] safe [jp] 金庫 (kinko)

(2) Following is the phrase to use when confirming whether certain services are offered.

[en] Do you offer ○○?
[jp]○○はできますか? (○○ wa deki masu ka?)

[en] currency exchange [jp] 両替 (ryougae)
[en] laundry [jp] クリーニング (kuriiningu)
[en] housekeeping [jp] 部屋の掃除 (heya no souji))
[en] bed-making [jp] ベッドメイク (beddomeiku)
[en] room service [jp] ルームサービス (ruumu-saabisu)

When You Have a Problem

【Convenient phrases you can use with different words】

(1) Use this phrase when you have sudden pain to communicate where the pain is.

[en]○○ hurts.
[jp]○○が痛いです。 (○○ ga itai desu.)

[en] head [jp] 頭 (atama)
[en] stomach [jp] おなか (onaka)
[en] hand [jp] 手 (te)
[en] foot [jp] 足 (ashi)
[en] tooth [jp] 歯 (ha)

(2) If something is stolen or misplaced in the hotel, let the hotel know right away. Use the following phrase in such circumstances.

[en] I lost ○○.
[jp]○○がなくなってしまいました。 (○○ ga naku natte shimai mashita.)

[en] luggage [jp] 荷物 (nimotsu)
[en] money [jp] お金 (okane)
[en] wallet [jp] 財布 (saifu)
[en] passport [jp] パスポート (pasupooto)
[en] cell phone [jp] 携帯電話 (keitai-denwa)
[en] smartphone [jp] スマートフォン (sumaato-fon)
[en] computer [jp] パソコン (pasokon)
[en] key [jp] 鍵 (kagi)

At Check-Out

【Convenient phrases you can use with different words】

(1) If you want to pay using a card, first confirm whether they accept your card using the following phrase.

[en] Can I use ○○?
[jp]○○は使えますか? (○○ wa tsukae masu ka?)

[en] credit card [jp] クレジットカード (kurejitto-kaado)
[en] debit card [jp] デビットカード (debitto-kaado)

(2) Use the following expression when you want to catch a bus, taxi, or train after checking out but don't know where to go.

[en] I want to take a ○○.
[jp]○○に乗りたいです。 (○○ ni noritai desu.)

[en] bus [jp] バス (basu)
[en] train [jp] 電車 (densha)
[en] taxi [jp] タクシー (takushii)

(3) Use this phrase if you don't know how to get somewhere. You can insert one of the following words or the name of a tourist spot in the ○○.

[en] I want to go to ○○.
[jp]○○に行きたいです。 (○○ ni ikitai desu.)

[en] bus stop [jp] バス乗り場 (basu-noriba)
[en] taxi stand [jp] タクシースタンド (takushii sutando)
[en] station [jp] 駅 (eki)

It's important to be comfortable at your hotel or ryokan to really enjoy your trip. The phrases introduced here will help you have a pleasant stay!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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