Convenient Japanese Phrases You’ll Want to Remember in Airports

Although foreign languages are spoken more in airports than elsewhere, it may still be hard to get assistance in English. Here are some Japanese phrases that will be convenient when using the airport.

In Arrivals

【Convenient phrases you can use with different words】

(1) This is a phrase you can use when there is a place you want to go to or a facility you want to utilize, but don't know where to go.

[en] Where is ○○?
[jp] ○○はどこですか? (○○ wa doko desu ka?)

[en] currency exchange [jp] 両替所 (ryougaejo)
[en] ATM [jp] ATM (eiteiemu)
[en] toilet [jp] トイレ (toire)
[en] immigration [jp] 入国審査 (nyuukoku-shinsa)
[en] smoking room [jp] 喫煙所 (kitsuenjo)
[en] elevator [jp] エレベーター (erebeetaa)
[en] escalator [jp] エスカレーター (esukareetaa)
[en] information desk [jp] 総合案内所 (sougou-annaijo)

Getting from the airport to the city

【Convenient phrases you can use with different words】

(1) In most cases, you would ride a train, bus, or taxi to get from the airport to the city. Use the following phrase to communicate the mode of transportation you want to use.

[en]I want to take a ○○.
[jp] ○○に乗りたいです。 (○○ ni nori tai desu.)

[en] train [jp] 電車 (densha)
[en] bus [jp] バス (basu)
[en] taxi [jp] タクシー (takushii)

(2) Try the phrase below when you want to get to a train station, bus stop or taxi stand. Insert words such as "bus" or "taxi" in the ●●.

[en]I want to go to ○○.
[jp] ○○に行きたいです。 (○○ ni iki tai desu.)

[en] station  [jp] 駅 (eki)
[en] ●●stop/stand  [jp] ●●乗り場 (●●noriba)

In Departures

【Convenient phrases you can use with different words】

(1) This is an expression to ask where to go to when you want to go through departure procedures, or have some food or shop.

[en] Where is ○○?
[jp] ○○はどこですか? (○○ wa doko desu ka?)

[en] customs [jp] 税関(zeikan)
[en] gate [jp] ゲート(geeto)
[en] duty-free shop [jp] 免税店(menzeiten)
[en] duty-free counter [jp] 免税手続き(menzei-tetsuzuki)
[en] restaurant [jp] レストラン(resutoran)
[en] souvenir shop [jp] お土産屋(omiyageya)


【Common phrases】

(1) Use this phrase to ask whether you can use Wi-Fi where you are. Wi-Fi availability differs by airport with some offering access throughout the airport, and some offering access only in limited locations, so check using the following phrase.

[en] Can I use Wi-Fi?
[jp] Wi-Fiは使えますか? (wai-fai wa tsukae masu ka?)

【Convenient phrases you can use with different words】

(1) If you've lost or dropped something or had something stolen, immediately contact an airport staff using the following phrase.

[en] I lost ○○.
[jp] ○○がなくなってしまいました。 (○○ ga naku natte shimai mashita.)

[en] luggage [jp] 荷物 (nimotsu)
[en] money [jp] お金 (okane)
[en] wallet [jp] 財布 (saifu)
[en] passport [jp] パスポート (pasupooto)
[en] cell phone [jp] 携帯電話 (keitai-denwa)
[en] smartphone [jp] スマートフォン (sumaato-fon)
[en] computer [jp] パソコン (pasokon)

Here are some basic Japanese phrases to remember so you can smoothly navigate the airport.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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