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[PR]So convenient! First-time Travelers in Japan Try docomo Wi-Fi for visitor

The paid Wi-Fi service, docomo Wi-Fi for visitor, is recommended to all foreign travelers because it's 1) easy to register for and no device to be returned 2) has access points all around the country 3) offers high-quality connections 4) has great security 5) has support available in multiple languages. This article features two women traveling around Tokyo for the first time together, with one using docomo Wi-Fi for visitor and the other using free Wi-Fi hotspots to compare. What kind of travel awaits them?

1. Easy to register for and nothing to return! docomo Wi-Fi for visitor

(The day before departure)
Sarah and Mary are about to leave for their first trip to Japan. They're planning to be there for 7 days and 6 nights, and are looking forward to enjoying sightseeing and cuisine in Tokyo. The day before they depart, the two of them made their final preparations.

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Sarah: It's finally tomorrow. Did you finish packing?
Mary: Yup, I'm all finished! But I don't know what to do about connecting to the Internet while we're there...I've heard that in Japan there aren't many free Wi-Fi hotspots, and what there are is hard to use.
Sarah: I've heard the same, but I want to upload photos to Instagram and be able to search the Internet. I think using a paid Wi-Fi service might be good. I looked up renting a mobile router too, but going through the rental process seems annoying and it's about 1,000 JPY per day so I thought it was expensive.
Mary: True, you have to return it, and if you carry around a battery it ends up being more stuff to carry...
Sarah: I asked someone at work who has been to Japan, and they said that the paid Wi-Fi service "docomo Wi-Fi for visitor" was good. I figured I'll try that.
Mary: But you have to pay for it, right? We're going to be there for a week, so isn't it expensive?
Sarah: They have a week-long plan that costs 900 JPY, so it's only 130 JPY a day. Isn't that pretty cheap? If you think about it as one bottle of water, it's not bad.


Mary: That's true! I want to save money, though, so I can use it on delicious food and on shopping, so I'll try to stick with free hotspots.
Sarah: Okay! Then I'll sign up for docomo Wi-Fi for visitor. All you need to do is sign up with your e-mail address and credit card info.

Sarah chose docomo Wi-Fi for visitor, a service that's simpler to register for and doesn't require anything to return, especially compared to renting a mobile router. The price is also reasonable. Mary chose free Wi-Fi hotspots. What kind of trip awaits them?

2. If you need some help, you can call at support center of docomo Wi-Fi for visitor with multilingual support

(Morning, arrival at Narita Airport)

The two of them have arrived at Narita Airport. Their dearly anticipated first trip to Japan. The two of them are already excited, and are taking a ton of photos. After they upload them to Instagram, they plan to head to Asakusa.

Mary: We arrived!
Sarah: Look, it says "Welcome to Japan"! Let's take a photo!

Mary: There's a bunch of Wi-Fi spots, but I don't know which one the airport's free Wi-Fi is. Which one do I connect to?
Sarah: I can't figure it out either. There's too many of them, so I can't tell which one docomo Wi-Fi for visitor is...oh! That's right, I can call the free support line for help!

(Sarah calls the support line)

Sarah: They spoke English, so it was really helpful.I should select the “0000docomo” hotspot anywhere in Japan!
Mary: That's great. It looks like it's going to take me a while to find a connection, so can you please look up the train route to Asakusa?
Sarah: OK! I'll download the train map app my co-worker told me about. Oh, it downloaded already! That was fast! It looks like we can take the Keisei Main Line to Asakusa.
Mary: All right, let's get going!

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You can't really get troubleshooting for free hotspots, but it's fully equipped within the docomo Wi-Fi for visitor service. If you don't know how to use it or are having other troubles, please call the support center. You can get help in English, Chinese, and Korean.
The two of them await the train at the Keisei Main Line platform heading to Asakusa.

3. You don't have to keep re-registering! docomo Wi-Fi for visitor uses the same SSID everywhere

(At the Narita Airport Station platform)

Sarah: I'm hungry, so let's get lunch right when we arrive in Asakusa.
Mary: Me too. I'll look up a restaurant! Oh...I have to register with my e-mail address and other information at this free hotspot. That's annoying. Are you connected using docomo Wi-Fi for visitor?
Sarah: Yeah, I can use it. Look, this tempura place is a famous one I saw on Facebook! Even though there are a lot of tempura restaurants in Asakusa, this one is pretty popular. We're in Japan, so I want to eat tempura!
Mary: Tempura sounds good! Let's try there!

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For free hotspots, many of them require registering with personal information like your e-mail address when you connect. On the other hand, once you register with docomo Wi-Fi for visitor, all you need to connect to the hotspots nationwide is just to log in.
You can use docomo Wi-Fi for visitor at many train station platforms. It's very convenient to be able to look things up as you wait for the train.

The two of them have boarded the train.

4. 150,000 hotspots nationwide! You can use docomo Wi-Fi for visitor everywhere (at a ryokan)

(After they've arrived at Asakusa Station, heading to the ryokan they have reservations for)

They arrived at Asakusa about an hour and a half later, after switching trains at Ueno Station to the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line. They're heading to their traditional Japanese inn, Taito Ryokan. It's a popular ryokan that has a retro Japanese atmosphere for reasonable prices.

Sarah: We've arrived at the ryokan. It definitely has a retro atmosphere!
Mary: We've arrived a little too early to check-in, so let's just drop off our luggage.
Sarah: Let's do that and then head for the tempura restaurant. This ryokan also has docomo Wi-Fi for visitor hotspots available, so I'll look it up on Google Maps.
Mary: Thanks! There's free Wi-Fi here, but it looks like it'll take some time to connect, like at the airport...
Sarah: It's after noon already, so I hope it's not crowded.
Mary: Yeah, I'm pretty hungry.

It's great that you can use docomo Wi-Fi for visitor at such a traditional ryokan. The two of them head for the tempura restaurant relying on the map.

4. 150,000 hotspots nationwide! You can use docomo Wi-Fi for visitor everywhere (at a ryokan)

2-1-4 Nishi-Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo

5. 150,000 hotspots nationwide! You can use docomo Wi-Fi for visitor everywhere (at a restaurant)

(Lunch at a popular tempura restaurant)

Sarah and Mary head to their destination, a tempura restaurant. They were able to get in without a long wait. The two of them order the favorably reviewed tendon, a bowl of rice topped with different kinds of tempura.

Sarah: Wow, it looks delicious! I have to take a picture of this!
Mary: I've never had tendon before, but the sweet sauce really works!
Sarah: I'm already finished! That was so good. But don't you want to eat dessert? My co-worker told me about a cheap type of restaurant here in Japan called "famiresu," where you can eat stuff like dessert similar to a cafe. Want to try it out?
Mary: Yeah, I've heard pancakes at famiresu are delicious! There was a place that looked like it on our way here.
Sarah: I want to try a parfait! Speaking of, the instructions for docomo Wi-Fi for visitor said that there are hotspots in many famiresu nationwide. Let's upload the pictures we just took to Instagram there.
Mary: Okay! Ready for pancakes!

The two of them are completely satisfied with the tempura. Now they're heading to a "famiresu," a family restaurant, for dessert. After all, you have a second stomach for dessert.
As they said, docomo Wi-Fi for visitor can be used in various restaurants, cafes, family restaurants, etc. around the country. It's very convenient because you can check your social media or look up information during a break.

6. 150,000 hotspots nationwide! You can use docomo Wi-Fi for visitor everywhere (while sightseeing)

(Sightseeing in Asakusa - Senso-ji, Kaminarimon Gate, and Nakamise-dori)

After the two of them get their fill of dessert at a family restaurant, they head out to see the sights around Asakusa.

Sarah: Being this full hurts. Let's walk it off.
Mary: Look, Sarah! It's Kaminarimon Gate!
Sarah: Wow, it's full of people.
Mary: Everyone's taking pictures in front, let's do that too!
Sarah: Okay! Oh, I can use docomo Wi-Fi for visitor here too! I'll upload it to Instagram.
Mary: After we look at Senso-ji, let's walk around Nakamise-dori. I want to look at snacks and trinkets.
Sarah: Okay, let's do that!

(The two of them go to Nakamise-dori when they're finished at Senso-ji)

Sarah: Wow, look at all the shops! What cute trinkets!
Mary: I want to take pictures! Wait, at Nakamise-dori you can only use the free Wi-Fi for 30 minutes...
Sarah: docomo Wi-Fi for visitor connects here just fine.
Mary: I want to upload so many pictures that 30 minutes probably isn't enough.

Many free Wi-Fi hotspots have time limits.
docomo Wi-Fi for visitor is available at the representative sightseeing areas of Asakusa, including Kaminarimon Gate, Senso-ji, and Nakamise-dori. There are no time or usage limits, so you can enjoy sightseeing casually. It's very convenient for people who want to upload a ton of photos.

Now that they've finished looking around Nakamise-dori, they enter a convenience store.

6. 150,000 hotspots nationwide! You can use docomo Wi-Fi for visitor everywhere (while sightseeing)

2-3-1 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

7. 150,000 hotspots nationwide! You can use docomo Wi-Fi for visitor everywhere (at a convenience store)

(Heading to the convenience store)
Mary: I'm tired of walking. Can I buy coffee at that convenience store?
Sarah: Okay. My phone battery is about to run out...I wonder if they sell chargers there?
Mary: Didn't they say that Japanese convenience stores sell everything?

(At the convenience store)

Mary: At Japanese convenience stores, there are machines that grind the coffee beans! Do I order at the register? Sarah, did they have chargers?
Sarah: I can't find them, so I should ask...but I don't know what to say. Oh, if I use docomo Wi-Fi for visitor, I can look up a translation app!
Mary: Can you also ask how to use the coffee machine?
Sarah: Okay!

Japanese convenience stores are full of items necessary for everyday life. Lately, the self-serve coffee machines that start by grinding beans have been very popular.
docomo Wi-Fi for visitor can be used at 7-Eleven, Lawson, and FamilyMart all around the country. Convenience stores with eat-in corners have been on the rise, so it's very convenient for when there's something you want to look up.

8. docomo Wi-Fi for visitor's high-quality connection can handle large data transfers

(Trying conveyor belt sushi for the first time for dinner)
Now that they've fully enjoyed sightseeing in Asakusa, it's evening, and they head for Magurobito Shin-Nakamise Branch, a sushi restaurant they saw on YouTube. It's a popular Edomae-style sushi restaurant in Asakusa. The first floor is a conveyor belt sushi restaurant, and on the second floor, there are tatami mat rooms with seats set into the floor.
Tonight they're trying the conveyor belt sushi restaurant.

Sarah: It's really going around!
Mary: They have stuff other than sushi, too, like pudding and salad.
Sarah: I want to put a video up on Instagram.
Mary: Can't you do it using docomo Wi-Fi for visitor?
Sarah: You're right. There, I uploaded it!
Mary: No problems with a lot of data like videos, huh? This restaurant doesn't have free Wi-Fi...

You can transfer plenty of data using docomo Wi-Fi for visitor without worry.
Now that the two of them are satisfied with conveyor belt sushi for the first time, they finally head back to the Taito Ryokan to end their long first day of sightseeing.

8. docomo Wi-Fi for visitor's high-quality connection can handle large data transfers

Shallow Glass Building, 2-21-8 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

9. Is using free Wi-Fi safe? docomo Wi-Fi for visitor is safe and secure

(Night, at the ryokan)

The two of them have returned to the ryokan to discuss the day's memories and plan for the upcoming week.

Sarah: I'm so tired. But it was such a fun day!
Mary: I couldn’t realized not being able to connect to the Internet would be so stressfull…
Sarah: Why not register for docomo Wi-Fi for visitor now? It's super convenient!
Mary: That's true. It's only 130 JPY a day, and I can use the Internet smoothly. Okay, I'll register! So tomorrow I won't have an problem with Wi-Fi!
Sarah: So tomorrow, we're going to go to Tsukiji and Ginza during the day, and Roppongi at night. Want to try using the buses? If you look at the docomo Wi-Fi for visitor site, you can use it on the Toei bus system! Isn't it great that we can look up stuff while being on the bus?
Mary: Riding buses sounds good.
Sarah: Sarah: We haven't made any plans for the rest of our trip. Any ideas? It would be nice to head out of Tokyo.
Mary: Okay, I've registered for docomo Wi-Fi for visitor! Since you looked up a lot of stuff for me today, I'll do the work!
Sarah: I remember I’ve seen on the website that Hakone, a hot spring resort near Tokyo, is popular.
Mary: Hakone...ah, a lot of ryokan showed up! There are ryokan with open-air baths, that sounds great!
Sarah: Wow, the scenery from this open-air bath is fantastic! Let's make reservations! It looks like it's only about an hour and a half from Tokyo.
Mary: Okay. You need a credit card to make the reservation, but is it safe to fill my card information in the form over Wi-Fi?
Sarah: Since docomo Wi-Fi for visitor is provided by Japan's biggest mobile carrier, it's safe! It uses WPA2 for the strongest encryption system they can.
Mary: Great! Okay, I'll make the reservation.
Sarah: Thanks! Having good Internet throughout the trip is important, right?
Mary: It's true. Since I wasn't really able to use the Internet, seeing you use the convenient docomo Wi-Fi for visitor really showed me how great it is.
Sarah: Tomorrow you too can use the Internet as much as you want!
Mary: Yeah! I'm looking forward to it.

They were able to successfully complete a lodging reservation on their phone.
As they said, you can use docomo Wi-Fi for visitor on Toei buses. Also, while free Wi-Fi hotspots may be iffy on security, there's no fear using this service, since it's managed by Japan's largest mobile carrier.

docomo Wi-Fi for visitor is a very popular service thanks to its easy registration process, the 150,000 access points nationwide, high level of security, and reasonable price. Please check out how convenient it is during your trip in Japan, too!

You can register for docomo Wi-Fi for visitor from the official homepage.

9. Is using free Wi-Fi safe? docomo Wi-Fi for visitor is safe and secure

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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