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Anyone can make it! How To Make Temaki Sushi (Hand-Rolled Sushi)

Temaki sushi or hand-rolled sushi is perfect for dinner parties. Here are some tips on making your own sushi. Anyone can make it with the right instructions!

What is "temaki sushi"?

Temaki sushi is a type of sushi. Nigirizushi, in which a small amount of vinegared rice is topped by the sushi ingredient, is just another example of the many kinds of sushi, temaki sushi is sushi made by layering vinegared rice and your desired ingredients on a nori seaweed sheet and rolling it up. You don't need any special tools or techniques, so as long as you have the ingredients, anyone can make them. It's a great dish to make for groups of any size. Try it at home!

Variations of temaki sushi

You can use whatever you'd like in temaki sushi. The standard sushi ingredients are seafood, especially tuna, salmon, shrimp, squid, scallop, oyster, and salmon roe. You can also use tamagoyaki (seasoned omelet), cucumbers, or natto (fermented soybeans).
Other than raw ingredients, you can also use canned items like tuna mixed with mayonnaise, or cooked ingredients like fried shrimp, teriyaki chicken, fried chicken, roast beef, and more. Seafood goes well with perilla, daikon radish, and cucumbers, then dipped in soy sauce. Other ingredients make delicious temaki sushi when paired with lettuce or avocado and dipped in mayonnaise. There are plenty of variations so you can make your own perfect combination!

Preparation time!

Once you decide how many people and what ingredients you're going to use, it's time to prepare the necessary items.

Necessary items

It's best to get a large amount of ingredients so you can enjoy a wider variation of temaki sushi.

Nori seaweed - necessary for rolling the ingredients and the rice.
Rice - season with vinegar.
Vinegar, sugar, and salt, OR pre-prepared sushi vinegar - necessary for making the rice.
Ingredients - Seafood, perilla, cucumbers, etc. Whatever you'd like.
Soy sauce
Dipping sauces like mayonnaise

Wooden sushi bowl called a hangiri, or any other type of large bowl
Rice scoop
Handheld fan - in order to cool the vinegared rice.

Prepare the ingredients

If you can find pre-sliced seafood, then it's easier for you to begin. Otherwise, you can cut the ingredients in any size you'd like, but if you cut them vertically it's easier to wrap in the seaweed and easier to eat. Adding refreshing ingredients like perilla, cucumbers, and daikon radish (it's recommended that you cut it as a stick or shredded), goes well not just with sashimi but changes the flavor of fried foods so you can enjoy your temaki sushi even more.
Use whatever size of nori you'd like to wrap the vinegared rice and ingredients. It's recommended to cut it into squares.

Prepare the vinegared rice

(Ingredients for sushi vinegar for 4 people, 3 cups of rice)
Vinegar - 4 tbsps
Sugar - 2 tbsps
Salt - 1 2/3rd tsps
1. Wash the rice, and cook it with a little less water than usual. (Around 540cc of water for 3 cups of rice)
2. Let it steam for 10 minutes after cooking.
3. After it's finished, move the rice into a bowl. Use the scoop to spread it around.
4. Add the sushi vinegar (pre-prepared or the above mixture) and mix well while fanning it to cool it down.
5. When the rice and sushi vinegar have mixed properly, it's finished.

How to make temaki sushi

Once you're finished preparing the ingredients, you can move on to the main event. Using a rice scoop, you can spread the rice on the nori and use chopsticks to add the ingredients on top for a perfect balance. If you add too many ingredients it may get hard to roll, so please be careful.

1. Spread the rice on the nori. Since you're going to add ingredients, don't put too much.
2. Put whatever ingredients you'd like on top.
3. Roll the nori so the ingredients are on the inside.

There's no desired shape, but if you do it well it will end up looking like the photo, so please try to mimic it.

How to eat temaki sushi

When you've finished your temaki sushi, you can dip it in condiments to make it even tastier!

Points to keep in mind to make it more delicious!

・The variety of ingredients is completely open, from seafood to vegetables to fried food.
・Prepare plenty of colorful ingredients.
・When you wrap using seaweed, use less rice.
・Prepare different condiments (items like sesame seeds go well).
・When the vinegared rice cools down, the vinegar will permeate the rice, so make sure it's chilled.

Please enjoy making your own delicious temaki sushi with these points in mind!

Please try making your own temaki sushi at home!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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