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Suzuka Hachitai is Japan’s Biggest Bike Race! About the Race and Important Places to Enjoy While You’re There!

Between Thursday, July 27 and Sunday, July 30, 2017, the 2016-2017 40th Annual Coca-Cola Zero Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Road Race (called the "Suzuka Hachitai") will be held in Suzuka, Mie. It's called Japan's biggest race, and during it, groups of 2 run the 5,821 meter course for 8 hours straight. It's a race that attracts attention from all over the world. The main event of the Suzuka Hachitai is the final round which starts at 11:30 AM on Sunday, July 30th.

Coca Cola (Japan) is a sponsor of this event, and there are events like talk shows featuring guests on a special stage and photoshoots with the Coca Cola Circuit Queens. During the last round, there's an all-you-can-drink of Coca Cola products for the whole 8 hours at the Grand Stand V2 seats. Also, on Monday, June 19, during the Suzuka Circuit, you can buy limited edition Coca Cola products featuring Suzuka Hachitai original designs!

At the special venue, BASE Hachitai, they have a music festival called 8 Fest featuring various artists, and you can watch a impressive FMX performances featuring bikes soaring through the air. You can test-ride the latest bikes ranging in size from 250cc to 1000cc, and there's also gear bikes that you can try even without a license, so you should definitely stop by if you have any interest in motorcycles. There are bikes that kids can ride as well, so it's recommended for the whole family.

Suzuka Hachitai has plenty of things to enjoy other than the race, such as the limited edition dishes served at the restaurant in the venue or the limited edition goods on sale. There's even a campaign where if you buy an adult ticket (5700 JPY), you can bring up to 5 people high school aged and under with you for free. This event isn't just for motor sports fans, but for people who want a nice family outing as well.

Suzuka Circuit International Racing Course

7992 Inou-cho, Suzuka-shi, Mie

[This article was originally published in Walkerplus on 04.06.2017]

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