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4D Spin Coaster with Full Rotating Seats to Open at Nagashima Spa Land

A new ride, "4D Spin Coaster ARASHI" will open at Nagashima Spa Land (Kuwana, Mie), on Friday, March 10, 2017.

Nagashima Spa Land is known as an amusement park with the largest number of jet coasters in Japan, and is famous for its "Steel Dragon," which holds a Guinness World Record, and "Flying Coaster Acrobat," the upside-down roller coaster introduced in 2015 .

The new ride is Japan's first 4D spin coaster. When you get on, you're positioned as if you are hanging from the rails! The coaster has seats that revolve a full 360 degrees while it hurtles down 310 meters of vertically stacked courses at a maximum speed of 64km.

Nagashima Spa Land

333 Nagashimachourayasu, Kuwana-shi, Mie

Go experience the latest ride! [This article was originally published in Walkerplus on 02.24.2017]

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