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What is Experience+? It is a platform that provides Japanese cultural experiences for people that want to know more about Japan

We offer a wide variety of Japanese cultural experiences, with more than 100 selections available in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. These include the city walking tour in the day to bar hopping at night, as well as Japanese martial arts and Japanese traditional craft making experiences. You can also learn how to cook Japanese food at home, such as learning how to make buckwheat noodles by hand from a master. You can enjoy close interactions with the locals as all the tours are done in small groups instead of large group tours. We believe that the experiences you gain with us will be the highlight of your trip.

What kind of travelers visiting Japan should use Experience+?

We hope that travelers who are visiting Japan for the first time, and even those have been to Japan several times can use it! You can gain access to information on life in Japan as well as Japanese cultures through exchanges and communication with the locals that you will not have as a tourist.

What kind of experiences are there?

Guided tours by Japanese-English speaking local experts

Enjoy city walking tours and cycling tours in the day, and listen to stories that only the local experts that were born or live in the area know about. They will bring you to their special places - the scenery, photo spots, recommended restaurants, and quiet paths that only the locals know of. You will see the city in a completely different light by the end of the tour.

Group photo after the cycling tour!

A photo in front of Edo Castle with a host in disguise!

Enjoy the bar hopping tours at night. There is more staff that can speak English in Japan these days, and the number of shops with English menus done up has also increased. However, there are still many shops that do not cater to foreign languages, and you will not be able to try out everything as there is a lot of variation in Japanese cuisine. The local experts will take you to their recommended shops, and order the specialty dishes and drinks for you. You will get to enjoy the nightlife in the best way possible. Converse with the locals on topics such as Japan and about your trip as you enjoy delicious food and drinks together.

In a bar in Kyoto. Enjoy and compare more than 50 different types of alcohol. This alley in Nanba is filled with izakayas which the locals frequent.

This alley in Nanba is filled with izakayas which the locals frequent

Small group tours in actual private places where the masters live

Join in the Japanese cultural experiences provided by Experience+ since you are already in Japan! Our tours are different from the usual commercial ones out there. The host that accepts you is known as a master even in Japan in his/her own way. For example, the host for the Aikido experience is the grandchild of the famous Gozo Shioda, and the host for the soba experience is a master with more than 100 students both within and outside of Japan. Every one of you can be taught with care since our experiences are done in small groups, and you can also enjoy deep interactions with our special hosts.

During a class with the soba master.

One-on-one combat with the master in front of the shrine near the training grounds.

Humanic tour. Dive into the Japanese way of life, and understand the lifestyles and values of the local people in Japan

Sightseeing and experiencing Japanese cultures may be fun, but wouldn't you like to know the lifestyles, customs, values, and society of Japan that shaped this culture as well? The experiences themselves are attractive, but what is special with us at Experience+ is that you get to enjoy deep interactions with the special hosts, which is something that cannot be found anywhere else. You can enjoy spiritual conversations about Japanese food and also learn about the host's experience of being a nun in Japan over lunch together. You can enter the townhouses in Kyoto, admire the interiors of old houses in Kyoto, and take a look at the Japanese Buddhist altars in a long-established tofu store in Kyoto. You can also learn how Japan has changed from the past to present from the store owner, and how he feels about it as you enjoy the tofu dishes made by his mother. You can discover the cultural aspect of Japan from the perspective of the locals rather than that as a traveler.

Lunch with the nun who is the host

Lunch with self-made mochi and organic vegetables

Reasons why Experience+ experiences are highly satisfying


Our hosts look forward to sharing information on Japanese lifestyles and traditional cultures with visitors, and are locals who are born and bred in the area, or masters in traditional crafts.


Do you not understand Japanese at all? No problem. We have interpreters that we call "TOMO" (=Friends/Companion), who can speak both English and Japanese, available at hosts that can only speak in Japanese. They remove the language barrier between the travelers and the locals, and allow for interaction freely.

Experiences in small groups

Our tours are all done in small groups. Therefore, you can enjoy communication with the host and build up a special bond from the interaction.

Japanese TOMO that can speak English fluently to help hosts and guests to interact.

Experiences in small groups with an experienced host.

Message to travelers from the Experience+ team

Dive into the Life of Locals!

We have travelled and felt foreign, we have travelled and been welcomed. We are made happier with each and every interaction and encounter. We are made stronger and deeper as persons by guiding them through more than Japan's looks but to its feel.

Our mission is to create the best memories so that the many visitors to Japan can feel glad that they came to Japan. Research and check out the sightseeing spots and restaurants by yourselves. That will still be plenty of fun. However, when you think about the good times during your trip after returning back home, don't you think about the people you met and the experiences you gained through interactions?
The best way to know about a country is also to explore the country from a local's point of view.
Also, We love interacting and re-discovering our cultures through the different point of views. And we believe that we are stronger together knowing about the others, so the host are enriched as well through the exchange…

We act as a bridge to connect you, the travelers, together with the locals.

We offer a wide variety of experiences in order to make you crave for more exploration. In addition, the locals hosting the experiences are looking forward to bringing you to their unique spots and interacting with you.

Don't you want to explore this country the way you like it best? We will try our best to help you do so.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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