Five Recommended Trips on Luxury Sleeper Trains in Japan

Sleeper trains in Japan are popular as a relaxing way to travel while enjoying the view from the window of a comfortable private room. Below are five recommended trips around Japan on sleeper trains.

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1. Seven Stars in Kyushu

This is a "cruise” train that goes around Kyushu Island. The train will take you on a relaxing trip to various tourist sites around Kyushu so that you can experience their nature, food, onsen (hot springs), history and culture. All guestrooms are suites. The trains also have spacious lounges and a dining car where you can savor wonderful cuisine from Kyushu. There is a "one night and two days" course, as well as a "three nights and four days course", both of which begin and end at JR Hakata Station.

Sample rates (varies by date and guest room):
(1 night and 2 days) Starts from 300,000 JPY (incl. tax)
(3 nights and 4 days) Starts from 630,000 JPY (incl. tax)
*Per person rate with two guests in one room.

1. Seven Stars in Kyushu


This is a luxury sleeper train operated under the concept of "a hotel rolling through the beautiful Japanese landscape". Its charms include the fantastic views from the windows, meals prepared by first-rate chefs, carriages with sophisticated designs, and a route that takes guests through fabulous locations. The rides start and end at Osaka Station or Kyoto Station (depending on the route), as well as Shimonoseki Station in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Ride options include a one night and two days one-way option that goes through the Sanyo Line or Sanin Line, as well as a two nights and three days round-trip course that goes through both.

Sample rates (varies by date and guest room):
(1 night and 2 days in the Royal Single [2 guests in 1 room]) Starts from 250,000 JPY per person (incl. tax)
(2 nights and 3 days in The Suite [2 guests in 1 room] 1.2 million JPY per person (incl. tax)


3. E26 Series Cassiopeia

This is a popular overnight limited express train service that runs from Ueno Station in Tokyo through the Tohoku area to Sapporo Station in Hokkaido. All seats are private rooms. It has luxurious suites, as well as a spacious lounge car and shower rooms. The carriages are designed so that travelers can relax on their long journey. The trains are chartered by travel agencies, so the rates, schedules, and reservation procedures vary by agency.

3. E26 Series Cassiopeia

4. Sunrise Izumo/Seto

Next up is Sunrise Seto – which runs between Takamatsu Station in Kagawa Prefecture and Tokyo Station – and Sunrise Izumo, which connects Izumishi Station in Shimane Prefecture with Tokyo Station. The two run together from Tokyo to Okayama, and are separated into two trains at Okayama Station. The entire train consists of a variety of private rooms ranging from single rooms to twin rooms. They run every day, and can be reserved at the JR window on the day of departure if there is availability (rooms can be purchased starting from one month in advance). However, it is a very popular train, so it may fill up quickly.

Sample rates (will vary by room type):
Tokyo to Izumo (overall free includes fare, express fee, sleeper fee):
(Sleeper Private Room for 1 Person) 21,710 JPY per person

5. Train Suite Shiki-shima

This is a luxury tourist "cruise” train. It offers a "one night and two days course" that starts at Ueno Station in Tokyo and goes around the Koshinetsu Region and southern Tohoku Region. It also has a "three nights and four days" course that goes to Hokkaido and the Japan Sea side of the northern Tohoku Region. The carriages are modern in design, but use traditional natural materials such as washi paper and urushi lacquer. It promises a comfortable stay similar to that of a luxury hotel.

Sample rates (varies by date, room type and course):
(1 night and 2 days in The Suite [2 people in 1 room]) Starts from 320,000 JPY per person
(3 nights and 4 days in The Suite [2 people in 1 room]) 740,000 JPY per person

5. Train Suite Shiki-shima

Please contact the travel agencies for more details and to make reservations on these trains.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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