Pay Attention to More Than Just the Brand or Bottle! Insta-Worthy Japanese Sake and How to Best Photograph Them

Japanese sake has been rising in popularity throughout the world. Amongst the variety produced throughout the country, there are some Japanese sake designed in ways that could cause a buzz on social media. Here are some particularly gorgeous ones as well as some tips on how to best photograph them!

Delicious Japanese Sake That Look Good Enough to Post on Social Media

While of course you want your Japanese sake to taste good, it would be even better if it looked really good as well. There are so many kinds of Japanese sake out there, all with different label designs, as well as bottle colors and shapes. Just seeing the variety, from elegant traditional packaging to cute designs, can lift up your mood. We especially recommend the following two for their designs!

Kotsuzumi Rojoh-Hana-Ari Tohka

This Japanese sake has a lovely design, with scattered flower petals painted on the soft pink bottle. It has a beautiful flavor that is perfectly balanced in richness and acidity, with a refreshing aftertaste. You can fully enjoy the rich flavor of rice with this drink, and it's sure to match well with any kind of food. Chill it before you drink it, and enjoy the faint, sweet aroma of the drink when you take a sip.

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The Best Way to Take Photos of Japanese Sake for Social Media

Want to take photos that'll surely create a stir on social media? Here are some ways to show off all the charms of Japanese sake.

Show Off the Beautiful Clarity Using Backlighting

Out of the many kinds of Japanese sake out there, the type that most people drink is clear, refined sake. To show off its clarity, it's important to consider lighting. Choose a light backdrop and shine some light from the back of the transparent bottle or sake flask. This is easily achievable with, say, a clip light that you can easily move around. If doing this makes it look darker from the front, place a reflector (white cloth or paper, or even aluminum foil) at the front to brighten it up.

Photograph in Natural Light to Add Warmth to the Image

If you want to capture the gorgeous simplicity and warmth associated with Japanese sake, use natural lighting. It is much softer than artificial lighting or strobe lights, so the photos you take won't look as cold. You can amplify the effect of natural lighting by taking the photo in the shade or using light streaming through curtains. If you're in a place with harsh light, you can even create a dramatic effect thanks to the shadows the light creates! Finally, make sure that you turn off all other lighting beforehand, as the color of the image will change if you use fluorescent or incandescent lights.

Little Tools to Help You Take Better Photos of Japanese Sake

Want to up your Japanese sake photography game? Why not buy a "tokkuri" (sake vessel) or two? A common way of showing off Japanese sake is by pouring some of it into a tokkuri as well as "ochoko" (sake cups). Glass, ceramic, tin—the variety in both the materials used as well as the design are endless, and you'll definitely have fun browsing through them! Beautify your photos even more with lacquered trays, bamboo mats, and other Japanese items. You can even add in some artificial flowers to add some color and seasonality to your photo!

There are many kinds of Japanese sake out there, but if you're not sure what to get, why not start with the outwards appearance? We hope this article serves as a good guide on Japanese sake that are not just delicious, but look gorgeous as well!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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