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Up to 10,000 Yen Cheaper!? Muji’s New Prices are Too Good to Be True

Muji has a huge offering that covers just about everything you can’t live without, from groceries and skincare, to fashion, daily necessities and home wares. There are plenty of simple and user-friendly items, so most people probably use some of these on a regular basis, right? Well, here’s some exciting news for those people!

Muji’s Price Revisions

Muji sometimes revises its prices, and occasionally you’ll even see a post on the company’s Instagram account saying, “Check out our new prices.”

So, the fact that Muji revises its prices is not particularly unusual in itself. However, in the most recently implemented price revisions, they have changed the price of around 1,100 items, ranging from general goods and daily essentials, furniture, and interiors, to clothing and food items as well!

Even Those Popular Items Have Gotten Cheaper!

As mentioned above, so many items have new prices this time around. We can’t introduce them all, so here are a few prime selections.

First off is the versatile and easy-to-use silicone cooking spoon. It used to be 850 JPY, but the new price is 590 JPY. Furthermore, a 3-pack of the uniform-white, simple urethane foam three-layer sponges that will give your kitchen a fresh look was 399 JPY, and is now 299 JPY. Their enamel food storage containers which are perfect for storing leftovers are now cheaper too! For example, a small size has gone down from 990 JPY to 790 JPY, or a large, deep size has gone down from 1,890 JPY to 1,490 JPY. In furniture and interiors, the bead sofa that puts you in complete control of your interior space was 12,600 JPY and is now 9,990 JPY! The single double-layer grey goose down comforter you’re going to want this winter was 44,900 JPY and is now 39,900 JPY. And, the single high-density pocket coil mattress has been reduced from 49,900 JPY to 39,900 JPY. That’s cheaper by a whole ten thousand yen!

That’s not all! There are so many products that are now cheaper, including snacks and skincare, so please check them out. Interested readers should take a look in store or on the Muji website!

*The prices of all items listed in this article include taxes.
*The information in this article is accurate as of September 16th, 2019.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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