Your Favorite Donuts Have Dressed Up! Why You Need to Check Out the Misdo Halloween Party

Mr. Donut (nicknamed "Misdo") offers a range of different donuts at a reasonable price, making it beloved by adults and children alike. Have you heard about their recently unveiled range of donuts that is making a splash online for how cute they are?

The Misdo Halloween Party has begun!

The Misdo Halloween Party is the name given to an event during which a limited edition range of products is being put on sale at Mister Donuts stores from Friday September 6th to Thursday October 31st 2019. The theme of the event is a Halloween costume party, with your favorite classics like the Pon de Ring and Old Fashioned being transformed into colorful costumed delights. There are 6 different items available as part of the series:

・Chocolate Mira-man (162 JPY incl. tax)
・Papurun Okami (162 JPY incl. tax)
・Bone Bone White (162 JPY incl. tax)
・Choco-Jack Kamen (183 JPY incl. tax)
・White Jack Majo (183 JPY incl. tax)
・Colorful Furanken (162 JPY incl. tax)

You Can Also Enjoy the 9 Different Eye Designs!

On my last trip to Mister Donuts I picked up three different donuts from among the six introduced above; the Papurun Okami, the White Jack Majo, and the Colorful Furanken.

The Papurun Okami donut uses the dough from the Pon de Ring variety of donut that is on general sale at the store. Using this dough gives the Papurun Okami a soft and spongy texture. It is also coated with a glaze made from the purple fleshed sweet potato, giving it an autumnal and colorful look that will raise your spirits.

The White Jack Majo is made with a light and soft dough and is coated with invigorating strawberry chocolate and milky white chocolate ensuring the taste is simply delicious.

The Colorful Furanken donut combines a chewy and springy dough with chocolate, for the delicious taste you would expect from such a pairing. It is also shaped like a stick, making it easier to eat.

As you can see from the picture of the Papurun Okami and Colorful Franken, there are a variety different types of eyes adorning the donuts. One of the great things about the Misdo Halloween Party is that even the same varieties of donuts have so many different looks for you to enjoy. Why not get yourself the Halloween spirit before the big day with suitably festive donut? The information in this article is correct as of September 12th, 2019.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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