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3 Convenient Daiso Cleaning Goods You Won’t Regret Getting!

The end of the year is nearing, which means it will be the big cleaning season in Japan soon. Daiso is famous for its cleaning supplies, so this article focuses on some products that will likely be useful for the big annual cleaning. The products were tested to confirm how effective they truly are.

Go to the cleaning supplies department of Daiso, and you'll see an amazing selection of items, ranging from standards such as cleaning solutions, to somewhat unusual creative goods. We purchased three of them that could be useful in a variety of different parts of the house.

Clean All Nooks and Crannies with this One Product!

The "Long Wiper" is a thin and flat dust mop that enables you to clean the gaps between appliances and furniture. It comes with two sheets that are attached by pushing them into the indentations.

We tried pushing it below the refrigerator, and it went smoothly to the back without catching. The mop bends so you can dust in a comfortable posture.

One quick wipe and see how much dust it got! It was a bit disturbing, but nice to be able to clean a spot that usually can't be reached! Wipes that are readily available (20 x 30cm) can be used on it, so all you need is this one "wiper" to get to all the nooks and crannies in your house!

A Product to Get Entrance Hall Floors and Window Sashes Gleaming!

The "Plastic Bottle Cleaning - Wide Brush" is a brush that is attached to widely available plastic water bottles for cleaning with water. As a test, it was attached to a 500ml plastic water bottle to clean the floor of the entrance hall.

Angle the brush down and water comes out of the 0.3cm hole in the middle. The water doesn't gush out, but rather, just the right amount comes out as you clean, so it is very handy.

If you want a thorough clean, put cleaning solution in instead of water and rinse it off afterwards. In addition to the entrance hall, it is recommended for cleaning window sashes.

Fantastic Bang for the Buck! A Sponge to Clean with Water

The "V King Melamine Sponge" is a sponge that gets dirt off with just water, without any cleaning solution. With 30 3-cm cubes for just 100 JPY, it's a fantastic price. This great value is especially welcome when there is a lot to clean.

We tried using it in the bathroom where water stains were noticeable. The stains that could not be removed with regular sponges were came off cleanly, and the shine restored in seconds!

When a similar product was purchased before at another discount store, the sponge fell apart right away with just a little pressure. In contrast, this product remains firm even with extensive use and is a great buy!

Try using these convenient and affordable Daiso cleaning supplies so you can welcome in the New Year feeling clean and renewed.

The contents of this article are accurate as of December 14, 2018

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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