Protect Your Food Against Dampness with NITORI’s Stylish and Convenient Kieselgur Flower

"Kieselgur" (diatomaceous earth) is widely used in Japan to protect against dampness. Bath mats were the first products to popularize it, but there is now a variety of different items such as coasters and toothbrush stands that use it as well. This article introduces two kieselgur goods by NITORI, a home goods franchise famous for its advertising slogan of "offering the unexpected".

NITORI's Selection of Kieselgur Goods

Enter "kieselgur" in the search box of NITORI-Net, NITORI's official online shop, and you'll get 40 items such as "Kieselgur Tray", "Kieselgur Knife Stand", "Kieselgur Coaster," and "Kieselgur Bath Mat" (as of June 2019). Of this wide selection, this article focuses on the "Kieselgur Flower Set of 2" (199 JPY (incl. tax)) and "Kieselgur Spoon 2.5ml" (249 JPY (incl. tax)).

"Kieselgur Flower Set of 2" comes in grey and white and protects food and spices from moisture. They are also available as hexagons and sticks. The "Kieselgur Spoon 2.5ml" also comes in grey and white. They are available in four different sizes ranging from 1.25ml to 15ml.

A Stylish Way to Protect Against Moisture!

The writer passed by a nearby NITORI shop and purchased the product. The photos below show it in use. "Kieselgur Flower Set of 2" appears bluish in the photograph, but note that it is just due to the lighting.

"Kieselgur Flower Set of 2" was placed in a jar of granola and "Kieselgur Spoon 2.5ml" in a sugar canister. It was noted afterwards that the dehumidifying properties are so strong, the sugar can harden, so it is not appropriate for use with sugar. Be sure to use it with spices other than sugar.

The writer has just started to use it so cannot comment on how effective it is longterm, but it is a wonderfully stylish way to keep items dry. One tends to think about dehumidifying the room during the rainy season, but don't forget to protect your food against dampness as well! The information is accurate as of June 11, 2019.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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