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FamilyMart’s Umami Matcha no Cheese Tart: A Must-Try to Savor Rich Matcha Flavors

Whenever a new sweets collaboration between a famous store and convenience store chain, such as Lawson x GODIVA, hits the shelves, it becomes the talk of the town. This article takes a look at a new product by FamilyMart that fans of collaborative sweets will definitely want to check out!

Another Collaboration with Kanbayashi Shunsho Honten!

Umami Matcha no Cheese Tart (168 JPY (incl. tax)) was introduced as a new FamilyMart product on July 30, 2019.

Umami Matcha no Cheese Tart is a dessert created by Kanbayashi Shunsho Honten, a famous Japanese tea shop in Uji that's been in business for 450 years. It has a whole wheat crust and a rich filling made with Uji matcha green tea and cheese.

FamilyMart and Kanbayashi Shunsho Honten have introduced several sweets together, such as Umami Matcha no Choux a la Creme, Umami Matcha no Bavarois, and Umami Matcha no Mocchiri Cake. Umami Matcha no Cheese Tart is the latest addition to this series.

An Excellent Combination of Bitter Matcha and Rich Cheese

Consumers took to social media with high appraisal for the Umami Matcha no Cheese Tart, claiming it's "seriously delicious", "rich and tasty", and "the perfect size." After reading so many raving reviews on the dessert, we decided to try it for ourselves!

The whole wheat crust is flaky and fragrant, and contrasts wonderfully with the soft and smooth texture of the ample filling. The first thing you'll notice is the bitterness and aroma of the matcha, which is then followed by the rich texture and deep flavors of the cheese. It is very delicious and not that large, so it disappears in a flash!

Some purists might argue that you don't need both matcha and cheese together in one dessert as the flavors get lost in each other. With the Umami Matcha no Cheese Tart, however, you'll be able to distinctly taste the two flavors, so it'll definitely be a hit with both matcha and cheese lovers.

If you haven't yet decided what you'll snack on today, head over to FamilyMart to try out this treat!

The information in this article is accurate as of August 3, 2019.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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