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Can They Really Get Rid of Stains? Testing Two Popular Ultrasonic Washers

There are some stubborn food or grease stains that never come out, be they on the collars or cuffs of a shirt or other items of clothing. You try everything but it never seems to come clean, so eventually you just give up. Surely, everyone has had this experience. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of products out there which specifically concentrate on treating these types of stubborn stains. I decided to try some of them out.

What Am I Comparing?

This time, I decided to compare two machines: Sharp's "Ultrasonic Washer UW-A1" and AQUA's "Coton Handy Washer HCW-HW1".

Ultrasonic Washer UW-A1

Sharp's cleaner is charged via USB, a process that takes approximately 5 hours to fully complete. It removes stains by vibrating at a rate of 38,000 times per second. Water is applied to the stain and this is simply traced over with the device. It is 40mm wide, 40mm deep and 168mm tall, with a weight of 200g.

Coton Handy Washer HCW-HW1

AQUA's battery powered cleaner requires 3 AAA batteries. It has a height of 176mm, a diameter of 46mm and weighs approximately 200g. Inside of the device you will see a bottle shaped like a dropper. Water is placed into this bottle and when you press a switch, water is released as the device pulsates against the stain and removes it. The bottle can only hold a small amount of water, therefore, it needs to be replaced every 2 minutes. You will also require paper towels.

I Personally Recommend the Ultrasonic Washer UW-A1

I began testing the two cleaners right away. I first used them on the collar of a shirt that had been sitting in a bag for months. I'd planned to throw it away. Perhaps the stains were too stubborn but neither device showed particular promise in removing the stain. After using the Ultrasonic Washer UW-A1, the stain seemed to get somewhat fainter but that was all.

Next, I drew a line on the shirt in black marker to see how the washers would deal with a fresh stain. While you may not be able to tell from the pictures, the Ultrasonic Washer UW-A1 (the second picture, on the right) and the Coton Handy Washer HCW-HW1 (the second picture, on the left) both succeeded in removing some of the stain. While neither of them managed to get it sparkling white again, I was surprised at what they were able to achieve in just 2 minutes, dealing with such a stubborn marker stain.  

While, most of us are unlikely to have to commonly deal with a marker stain, these machines should come in very handy for those times when your clothes get a bit of foundation on them or when you sit on a dirty bench for example.

Both machines are easy to get the hang of and while I did use extremely stuborn stains in this test, there was no great difference observed in the results. However, for simple usability, this writer decisively recommends the Ultrasonic Washer UW-A1. There are two main reasons for this.

1) No need for batteries

It is a pain to buy batteries and when those batteries die you have to worry about throwing them out, so I found the fact that Sharp's model works on a chargeable battery to be extremely convenient. I think it is even better that it is charged by USB and not a plug, don't you?

2) Replenishing water

The Coton Handy Washer HCW-HW1 cleans through a slow release of water from a bottle pulsating against a stain, therefore, after the water has been used up (after about 2 minutes) the bottle needs to be refilled. For this reason, I felt that this machine was not suited to long periods of use. Conversely, the battery in the Ultrasonic Washer UW-A1 lasts for around 30 minutes after a full charge, so I found it much more user friendly.

In this experiment I didn't use any detergent. However, in the user manuals it states "[that it is better] to use laundry detergent" and it would appear that these types of devices are more effective when used with a combined detergent and bleach solution. One other important factor would appear to be not allowing the stain to linger and getting to it quickly, so it might just be a good idea to have one of these machines handy in your hour of need.

*The information provided in this article is accurate as of March 3rd, 2019.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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