Table Bag Hooks Join the MUJI Tag Tool Line Up!

Have you heard about MUJI's Tag Tool series? It's a series that features a vast range of items that combine simple design and ease of use. Originally thought of as convenient travel items, they are also great to use as daily essentials given that they are not too bulky. This article showcases the new item in this series, a table bag hook.

When You Don't Want to Dirty Your Bag

There are currently 15 items sold under the tag tool label such as the "Thermo-hydrometer", "Alarm Clock", "Security Buzzer", and "Mirror". The "Table Bag Hook" has recently been added to this series at a price of 990 JPY (incl. tax).

Items in the tag tool series can be clipped onto your bag when placed into a silicon case (290 JPY incl. tax) that comes in five colors, white, black, navy, red and yellow.

The table bag hook being introduced in this article is, exactly as the name would suggest, to be used when you wish to hang items from a table, such as a rucksack for example. In the above picture it is folded away and therefore it may look compact, however, it is capable of supporting a weight of approximately 5 kg.

Handy to Have When Out and About!

Its a little tricky to understand from a simple explanation, so I decided to test it out. When you open out the folded table hook, it transforms into a curved out hook resembling the Japanese character "フ". The part of the hook that touches the table is designed to prevent slippage or sliding. Simply place the bag on the outstretched hook as shown in the picture.

This product can only be used on tables of a thickness between 1.5 and 3cm, therefore I was unable to use it with the tables and desks at work, however, I would imagine it is quite convenient at cafes and restaurants.

In recent times, it has become common for businesses to have a special basket in which to put items that you have brought with you, however, there are still some times when you will be surprised to find them missing and you won't want to get your bag dirty by placing it on the floor. This product is perfect for those times, when you can use it to hang your bag or conceal your pouch.

*The information provided in this article is accurate as of February 6th, 2019.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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