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5 Delicious Japanese Breads at FamilyMart’s FAMIMA BAKERY

FamilyMart's original brand FAMIMA BAKERY makes stuffed breads as well as sweet breads. Select ingredients and methods are used to make these delicious, authentic-tasting breads that are soaring in popularity! In this article, I'll be discussing five excellent breads I'd like to recommend.

1. Mochi Mochi Walnut Bread (110 JPY (excl. tax))

This walnut bread boasts a puffy, moist texture. This long-selling product has been beloved by many since it first went on sale in 2005. Indeed, this bread is so famous that it was even awarded the Walnut Bread of the Year Award at a grand prix held by the California-based California Walnut Commission! Hearing that it was an award-winning bread made me wonder just how good it tastes, so I went and tried it myself!

The first thing that I noticed when I took a bite into it was the incredible sweetness, which really helped bring out the fragrance of the walnuts. The walnuts were kneaded evenly throughout the dough, meaning every bite was filled with their great flavor and texture. The moist nature of the bread means you won't find your mouth getting dry, making it an easy-to-eat treat. If you're a fan of walnuts, then you absolutely have to get your hands on this bread!

1. Mochi Mochi Walnut Bread (110 JPY (excl. tax))

2. Pumpkin Pudding Bread (119 JPY (excl. tax))

This is a sweet, pumpkin-flavored bread filled with creamy pumpkin pudding and a caramel-flavored sauce. The bread itself was fluffy and light, and the pumpkin flavors and sweetness came out more and more with each bite.

The cream inside had a smoothness similar to custard that complemented the bread in my mouth, resulting in an enjoyable flavor combination. I particularly enjoyed the caramel sauce, which added an accent to the flavor and combined with the cream for an exceptionally delicious confection. This bread is an enjoyable sweet treat, and before you know it, you'll find your hand reaching out for more!

2. Pumpkin Pudding Bread (119 JPY (excl. tax))

3. Melon Croissant (128 JPY (excl. tax))

This is a dessert sandwich made by filling a croissant with melon syrup, as well as whipped cream mixed with a melon puree. Although croissants are known for their lightness, you'll feel just how heavy and filling this treat is as you hold it in your hand, even before you get a taste!

With the first bite, I could feel that each layer had been folded over without so much as a gap, giving it an altogether new texture. I'd never had such a filling croissant before! A sweet, melon-flavored cream is sandwiched between each layer, making the croissant even more filling. Overall, both the bread and the cream boasted a high level of sweetness that served to satisfy my sweet tooth! If you're a fan of sweets, then this is a treat I have to recommend.

3. Melon Croissant (128 JPY (excl. tax))

4. Cheese Sanmai (128 JPY (excl. tax))

This savory roasted bread features two kinds of cheese. Plenty of rich cheddar cheese sauce and cream cheese are sandwiched in the middle of the bread. I could smell the cheese the moment I brought it near my mouth, and as a cheese-lover, I couldn't wait to chow down! And just as I'd hoped, I enjoyed the flavors of both the cheddar cheese and the cream cheese! The shredded cheese used within and the powdered cheese used on the outside also gave this bread an enjoyable texture.

If you want to elevate this bread's flavors, pop it into a 500W microwave for about 10 seconds. The crust will soften and the cheese will melt slightly, making this cheesy delight even more delicious. Upping the savoriness of the bread made me feel just like I was eating something freshly baked! If cheese is your thing, then you have to check this out.

4. Cheese Sanmai (128 JPY (excl. tax))

5. Mentai Baguette (128 JPY (excl. tax))

This crisp French bread is topped with "mentaiko" sauce. "Mentaiko" are walleye pollack eggs that have been soaked in red pepper and other ingredients. The mentaiko fragrance hit me the second I opened the bag, immediately stoking my appetite. When I tried it, I could feel the signature saltiness of mentaiko along with its tingling spiciness.

When I heated it up in a microwave (500W for around 10 seconds), the mentaiko melted and soaked into the bread, further boosting the flavor. The characteristic hardness of a baguette disappeared, and it became a soft, easy-to-eat treat. All it takes is a bit of effort to make this bread even more delicious, so make sure to try warming it up if you've got a microwave nearby.

5. Mentai Baguette (128 JPY (excl. tax))

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*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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