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Goodbye to Oil Stains and Dust! Top 5 Cleaning Products Sold at Japanese Home Centers

One of the best ways to effectively use your time while staying at home is by cleaning your house! How about taking this opportunity to make everything in your home sparkly clean, including those places that you don’t usually reach during regular cleaning? Here are some recommended cleaning tools that you can purchase at home centers in Japan.

1. CuCute CLEAR Foam Spray (Kao)

CuCute CLEAR Foam Spray is a dishwashing detergent that is known for making tableware squeaky clean by simply spraying it onto water bottles and other items that need to be washed. Indeed, it is not only useful for dishes and tableware, but it is also great for cleaning the kitchen and living room!
I recommend using this product for cleaning the area around the exhaust fan in the kitchen, where oil stains tend to build up. It’s so easy to clean! Just spray this product onto the metal filter, set it aside for a little while, and then wash it with a sponge under running water. You can use it even on a stove that has become oily after frying food; all you need to do is spray this product directly onto the stove and wipe it off! You can clean the stove as soon as you’re done applying it.

Reference price: 315 JPY

1. CuCute CLEAR Foam Spray (Kao)

2. Quickle Handy (Kao)

When you spend a long time at home, you eventually worry about all the dust you can’t see that has accumulated on the shelves, right? Quickle Handy is a superb product with fluffy absorbent fibers on both sides that thoroughly catch all dust and pollen. It is not only convenient for cleaning the area around your computer or TV, but also for cleaning accessories, dolls, and other items with complex shapes. As for me, I wanted to use this product for cleaning the grooves in the sliding window frame! Despite the fact that it gets dirty with sand and dust, I don’t usually clean this area. This product is disposable, so when it gets dirty, I can just throw it away. Quickle Handy can also come with an extendable handle or as a replaceable sheet.

Reference price: 330 JPY (incl. tax)

2. Quickle Handy (Kao)

3. Ofuro no Squeegee (Marna)

Many people in Japan fill their bathtubs with hot water every day and soak their bodies up to the shoulders, so mold easily grows in their bathrooms. There are plenty of mold-removing agents sold in the market, but if you want to prevent your daily struggle with mold, then you need to buy the Ofuro no Squeegee! By thoroughly removing the water on the walls and floor of the bathroom after your daily bath, you can actually prevent the growth of mold. You can use both sides and move the squeegee vertically or horizontally, so you can capture the water in all nooks and corners.
I recommend this product not only for its excellent functionality, but also for its simple appearance compared to other squeegees out there.

Price: 1,078 JPY (incl. tax)

3. Ofuro no Squeegee (Marna)

4. Motegi Kazuya Mizuaka Senzai 200mL

Bearing the name of the Japanese detergent expert Motegi Kazuya, this product is a detergent that works instantly on water stains. All you need to do is apply this detergent on a cloth or sponge, scrub the stain with that cloth or sponge, and then wash off the detergent. It will even leave stubborn water stains looking all shiny and new! You can use it to remove water stains on bathroom mirrors and faucets, stains on golf clubs, as well as scorch marks and boil-over traces on pots. What I liked about it is that despite its excellent cleaning ability, it is also gentle on the skin because it does not use surfactants.

Reference price: 2,036 JPY

4. Motegi Kazuya Mizuaka Senzai 200mL

5. Kezumari Gossori Pipe Shokunin (COGIT)

If water drains poorly in the washroom that you use every day, it might be because the drain is clogged with hair or something else. Now, you can solve that clog with the Kezumari Gossori Pipe Shokunin. Just extend the wire, insert it into the drain, and rotate it to pull out whatever it is that has clogged the drain.
This product comes with two brushes: a fine brush attached to a soft wire and a thick brush attached to a hard wire. The one with the soft wire is perfect for the washroom, while the one with a hard wire is best used for the sink or bathtub. One review about this product said that, “When I cleaned the drain in the kitchen, I got a lot of brown, slimy oil”, so I want to try this on my own kitchen drain! You can buy this product at Tokyu Hands.

Price: 843 JPY

5. Kezumari Gossori Pipe Shokunin (COGIT)

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I found a lot of the cleaning products really interesting! To all of you reading this, use any of the cleaning products featured here to clean areas of concern in your home.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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