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Top 5 Stores Selling Chic and High-Quality Kids Clothes in Japan

Anyone planning to bring their kids with them to Japan should read this article, which introduces five great shops selling kids' clothes. Check out these well-established, popular Japanese brands offering high-quality, Japanese-made goods for parents and children alike.

Where Should I Go to Buy Kids' Clothes in Japan?

The quest to find children’s clothes is a big deal in Japan, with roughly 90% of parents saying they want their children to look stylish. To meet this demand, Japan has around 1,600 specialist children’s clothing stores selling high-quality goods that cover all bases, from choice of fabric to design to functionality. In addition to these specialist stores, many other stores carry children’s clothes, including department stores with high-end goods made both abroad and in Japan, souvenir shops, shopping malls full of popular stores, and outlet malls where you can buy factory seconds at bargain prices.

This article will introduce some of Japan’s popular specialist children's clothing stores. With their large, spacious outlets and wide range of goods, specialist stores should be your first port of call when you want to buy children’s clothes in Japan.

1. Akachan Honpo

Akachan sells clothes in a wide range of sizes to match your child's growth, with categories for Newborn and Infant (50-80 cm), Baby (70-90 cm), and Kids (100-120 cm). Dedicated to selling functional, high-quality clothing, Akachan offers goods made in Japan, including gentle organic cotton goods and impressively water-absorbent and quick-drying clothes that are ideal for sweat-prone kids.

In the store, clothes are arranged according to different situations, such as "going-out clothes" and "loungewear", meaning you can easily find clothing that meets your needs. This makes it rather fun to do a bit of window shopping! As store signs are also written in English, you don’t have to worry about being able to understand the Japanese.

Akachan is highly recommended! Prices are very reasonable, with many items being sold for around 1,000 JPY.


F.O.KIDS sells clothes in sizes from newborn to junior (age 13). Many designs are based on an "American Casual" theme, and the popular brand is known for its great fashion sense. The clothes are also functional, with options like pants with elasticated waists—perfect for kids who can't sit still! Prices range from 2,000 JPY to 5,000 JPY.

They have also developed a range of clothes in mom and dad sizes, a great idea for families who want to all dress in matching outfits. You can buy a matching set to wear while sightseeing to make your trip more memorable. A tip: go for a coordinated look with matching patterns. For example, if mom and dad wear striped bottoms, the kids can wear a striped top. Matching the same pattern but varying how it is worn gives the look an extra-stylish edge!

*Image from F.O. KIDS affiliate brand "F.O. International"


The BREEZE brand is centered around clothing for juniors. This brand proves highly attractive to youngsters with an eye for fashion, offering a wealth of goods including collaborations with other brands and popular characters, as well as designs in a wide range of colors. You can have fun choosing clothes with any child who is particularly style-conscious.

Not only are the clothes fashionable enough for an adult to wear, but also, the varied range of accessories on offer such as hats, belts, and headbands will add the perfect accent to any look. Get your hands on some while you have the chance!

Prices are reasonable with many goods between 1,000 JPY and 2,000 JPY, and on-sale goods available for under 1,000 JPY.

4. Miki House

Miki House sells clothes targeted at children between 0 and 9 years old. They specialize in Japanese-made baby clothes which have gained a reputation worldwide for their high quality. Miki House is now a well-known global brand with around 50 overseas stores. They are famous for their vibrant designs based on their trademark color, red, and their work developing comfortable materials that are kind to children with sensitive skin. Most goods start from around 3,000 JPY.

They are known not only for quality, but also for excellent customer service. In shops that get a lot of foreign visitors, they use AI translating machine Pocketalk to communicate with tourists from various countries, allowing anyone worried about language barriers to shop without worries.

4. Miki House

5. Familiar

Familiar offers a wide range of high-quality Japanese-made clothes for children aged 0-13. To make clothing that is kinder to the baby's skin, Familiar uses top-quality cotton and a method of sewing that omits seams from their garments. As making the clothes takes a great deal of time and effort, the items are more expensive, with many costing around 10,000 JPY, but it is recommended as a souvenir from your Japan trip or as a present for someone important. Close friends will be very pleased with such a present to celebrate their child’s birth (as I can testify from experience)! They also have a good range of children’s clothing suitable for formal occasions, including one-pieces and jackets.

5. Familiar

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You can enjoy deals on cuisine and goods at some of the shops introduced in this article

Do any of these stores pique your interest? Why not enjoy a shopping trip with your kids on your visit to Japan?

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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