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A Huge Hit on Social Media! 5 Stylish and Functional Items to Pick Up at Workman Plus

Do you want to enjoy affordable and fashionable clothes? In this article we'll introduce Workman Plus, a store that can make this dream come true. Simple and functional items are really trending among young people in Japan at the moment. Once you read this article, you'll probably want to go and get some for yourself!

What is Workman Plus?

Workman Plus' parent store, Workman, is originally a workwear store that's long been a go-to for tradespeople and anyone who works outdoors in Japan. In 2018, Workman branched off with a new store, Workman Plus. Workman Plus became hugely popular thanks to the fact that it maintained Workman's emphasis on functionality and affordability while expanding their range to sports and outdoor items in designs that also appealed to women and young people.
These items, with simple designs that work as well for hiking and camping as they do when incorporated into smart and stylish outfits, have gone viral on social media. Workman has around 850 outlets in shopping malls and on city streets throughout Japan. Among these, around 150 are Workman Plus stores. If you're in Tokyo for a visit, there are currently more than 50 stores in the Tokyo city center and nearby shopping malls. Check out the official Workman/Workman Plus website to find out whether there's a store where you're visiting!

*Digital money payments and tax-free shopping is not available.
*Workman Plus products are also available at Workman stores.
*Product availability will vary from store to store.

Click here for more information and Workman and Workman Plus store locations!

Affordable Functionality! Recommendations from Workman Plus

Now, let's have a look at some popular items from Workman Plus! These have all been big hits, so if you spot them in-store, be sure you don't miss out! We also have an update on a hit product that sold out again and again after going viral on Twitter in 2019.

*All prices include tax.

Water-Repellent Denim

These jeans are narrow-cut, but their stretchable, 4D construction and elastic on the back makes them super easy to move in. These jeans don't just have a unique appearance: their biggest feature is the fact they're amazingly water-repellent! The fabric repels any droplets of rain or spilled drinks. While they're not completely waterproof, it's enough to make these very useful for everyday wear.
A jacket made from the same denim fabric is also available.
WR003 4D Super Water-Repellent Stretch Cargo Pants: 2,900 JPY WR003 4D Super Water-Repellent Stretch Field Jacket: 3,900 JPY

Non-Slip Shoes

While these shoes look perfectly simple, they have a non-slip sole that has made them a really popular pick among pregnant women. Their slip-on design and wide toe also makes them easy to take on and off. The slightly glossy outer layer prevents the shoe from looking overly casual and helps them pair well with any outfit. With these in your closet you'll feel sure-footed, even on rainy days.

CB400 Fine Grip Shoes: 1,900 JPY

Vacuum Insulated Plastic Bottle Holder (500 mL)

This item was so popular on Twitter in 2019, it's been hard to find it in stock! This holder insulates any bottled drinks you buy, so if you pick one up, it's something you could use right away during your travels in Japan. It can keep drinks either hot or cold, but please be aware it doesn't fit wider bottles. New colors are due to be launched in January 2020.

500mL Vacuum Insulated PET Bottle Holder: 980 JPY

Waterproof Sneakers

Fashionable rainboots are well and good, but they can be really expensive, too. Why not get some of these waterproof sneakers instead? The bottom 7cm of the shoes are waterproof, so they're useful not just for rainy days but for activities like gardening, washing the car, and camping. Their design is a rainboot-sneaker hybrid, so the fact they'll go well with any outfit is another great feature.

6525 PVC Waterproof Shoes: 1,500 JPY

A Parka You Can Wear in the City

You'll often see parka jackets appearing in the pages of fashion magazines at the moment. This parka's simple, low-key colors allow it to pair well with both casual looks and more formal outfits, too. If you're looking for a versatile parka, this is it! Of course, since this is a Workman garment, you'll find functional features like water-repellent fabric that helps it resist stains.

S1200 Highly Water-Repellent Parka (Unisex): 3,900 JPY

LJ001L Ladies Water-Repellent Parka: 2,900 JPY

There are so many other great affordable and useful items available at Workman Plus. These items combine design, affordability, and functionality, so you're sure to love browsing the range in-store.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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