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[Convenience Store Sweets] Five Select FamilyMart Frappes to Enjoy in the Summer

Convenience stores in Japan have a great selection of cold sweets, enticing you with new releases each summer. This article focuses on the Frappes by FamilyMart (affectionately referred to as Famima). Try them to discover your favorite flavor!

What are Frappes?

The Frappes sold at the convenience store chain, FamilyMart, are frozen drinks made by adding milk using a dedicated coffee machine. They were first introduced in 2014 and are hugely popular, with total sales of the series exceeding 140 million cups. They are sold at FamilyMarts around the country, with a few exceptions, and in 2019, there are seven flavors available.

Once you've decided which flavor to try, pick up one of the Frappes from the refrigerator and then purchase it at the counter.

Here are the instructions displayed in the store on how best to enjoy the them.

1. Soften the Frappe by kneading it from the top of the container.
2. Add milk using the special coffee machine in the store.
3. Vigorously mix using a straw.
4. Attach the supplied cap and straw and sip through the straw.

These cold Frappes are fantastic on a hot day!

1. Peach Frappe

First up is the Peach Frappe, which is a new release for 2019. The Frappe made especially with peaches from Spain is rich and satisfying and a great way to enjoy the natural flavors of peach. The textures of the ice that is starting to melt and the lumpy peach sauce create a sublime combination! The moment you suck the frappe in through the straw, your mouth will be filled with fresh peach flavors and you'll be hooked. There is limited availability, so be sure to try it if you see it in the store.

Price: 298 JPY (incl. tax)

2. Tapioca Tea Frappe

The Tapioca Tea Frappe has been re-released for the first time in two years since its introduction in 2017, when it was so popular it sold out. The milk tea made with Sri Lankan Uva tea goes perfectly with the additional milk. There is a substantial amount of tapioca pearls in it, so it is fantastic for tapioca lovers. The crunchy ice is made such that the flavors are not diluted when it melts, so you can enjoy the Frappe to the very last drop.

Price: 330 JPY (incl. tax)

2. Tapioca Tea Frappe

3. Cafe Frappe

The Cafe Frappe, with added extract of Colombian coffee beans, allows you to enjoy rich flavors of coffee in a sweet beverage. One sip and you'll be surprised by the novel texture that is neither a cafe latte or shaved ice. Drink it right away once you've added milk using the dedicated machine. When it's ready, you'll want to suck up the large bits of ice before they melt so you can enjoy their crunchy texture.

Price: 270 JPY (incl. tax)

4. Chocolate Frappe

The Chocolate Frappe is made with cocoa beans from Ecuador. The rich milk goes so well with the smooth chocolate ice with thin shavings of ice, you may not want to stop drinking once you start. Also, you'll be glad to know the amount of chocolate chips in each cup has been doubled since 2018! The chocolate chips stand out in the frozen chocolate and have a wonderful texture. This Frappe has a smooth finish, so it goes down quickly even in the hot summer.

Price: 290 JPY (incl. tax)

4. Chocolate Frappe

5. Chizu Cake Frappe with Applesauce

The Chizu Cake Frappe with Applesauce is a new 2019 release that was developed in the image of New York cheesecakes. The special cheesecake ice made with three different types of cheese has plenty of cookie bits in it, adding wonderful textures. Drink it with a straw and your mouth will be filled with sweet cheese flavors, just as if you are sipping a cheesecake. Be sure to mix it well with the applesauce at the bottom of the cup. You'll be surprised by the flavors that seem to change with each sip.

Price: 330 JPY (incl. tax)

5. Chizu Cake Frappe with Applesauce

These unique Frappes by FamilyMart have captured the hearts of sweets lovers all over Japan! There are more flavors in addition to the five introduced here, so try them and find your favorite!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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