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Keeping Trendy in the Rain! 5 Popular Rain Shoes to Buy in Japan

Even on rainy days, you want to wear stylish shoes to match your outfit, right? If you’re looking for rain shoes that combine the latest trends in fashion without jeopardizing practicality, this article is for you! Here are 5 of the most popular rain shoes you’ll find in Japan.

1. Wild Bird Society of Japan

These rubber boots were released by the Wild Bird Association of Japan for bird watching, but they're also really popular with outdoorsy types who rave over their cute design.
The flexible sole makes them more comfortable to walk in than other regular rubber boots, but that’s not all they offer! These boots also stand out because they can be folded compactly into a special case that can be carried around. They are quite handy too - all you have to do to take them off is step on the boots’ protruding heel and lift your foot. You don’t even have to use your hands! The Wild Bird Society logo gives a distinctive and stylish look to the boots, so not only can you use them for outdoor activities but also in your everyday life when it’s raining outside. Coming in two subdued shades of colors – brown and green – they are really easy to match with your clothes, too.


With more than 160 years of history, HUNTER is a well-established brand of rain boots from England. Granted a Royal Warrant from the British Royal Family, HUNTER is also loved by many Hollywood celebrities.
In 1956, the company released what came to be their signature design, the Original Tall Rain Boot. Even now the boots are made following the practices of when they first hit the market. They're handcrafted from 28 parts using the original mold so as to offer the comfort and fit it's known for. Choosing your favorite HUNTER boots is a lot of fun because the brand has a wide variety of colors available, not to mention the line-up of mid-calf and ankle boots. Ginza is home to the HUNTER’s second flagship store in the world - you can find the brand’s full collection here!


AIGLE is a French brand established in 1853. The brand’s rain boots use soft, high-quality natural rubber and are handmade employing traditional methods. These rubber boots are functional and comfortable to walk in for long periods of time, but another key appeal lies in its design, which is simple and stripped of unnecessary adornments.
The brand’s sturdy and elegant signature models have been popular items for a long time now. However, there are other models, such as MISS MARION, a pair of rain boots that can be easily folded and carried around, that are perfect to use when traveling, camping, and in many other situations. Their newest model, MACADAMES, has a gorgeous design reminiscent of engineer boots, and it’s just what you want if you’re looking for a pair of shoes that are unlike any other.


DIANA started in Ginza in 1948 as a shop that specialized in imported ladies shoes. Following the brand’s concept to incorporate elegance into everyday situations, DIANA’s rain shoes have a refined design that puts femininity first. Made of pearl-like lustrous material, DIANA’s rubber boots not only protect you from the rain but also make your legs look longer due to its higher heels, all the while allowing you to enjoy your wardrobe with class. Offered in a variety of colors, including light ones, such as pink and beige, DIANA’s boots will brighten up those gloomy rainy days.

5. ORiental TRaffic

If you already have a pair of standard rubber boots or Chelsea boots and want some rain shoes that are a little bit different from the standard, conventional ones, then the rain pumps by ORiental TRaffic are for you. The enameled surface of these pumps, combined with the waterproof material used for its interior and the heel’s balanced height, protect your feet against the rain. ORiental TRaffic’s shoes come in a variety of designs, from shoes decorated with ribbons to simpler unadorned ones. The prices are very reasonable, ranging from 3,000 JPY to 4,000 JPY, so you can easily buy more than one at the same time. You’ll have a lot of fun choosing a pair to match your mood and outfit for the day!

5. ORiental TRaffic

Once you find a pair you like, you'll be eagerly waiting for a rainy day to wear them! Have fun coordinating your outfit with these stylish rain boots!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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