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Only 300 JPY?! Pick Up These 4 Cute and Affordable Japanese Items!

300 yen shop are great for getting cute, inexpensive, and well-designed products. They don't look cheap, so they're perfect if you're looking for interior decorations or fashion accessories. This article will introduce some products from the 300 yen shop 3COINS.

Hair Accessories

There are so many types of hair accessories like combs, clips, and pins available at 300 yen stores. They all look so cute they could easily sell for 1,000 JPY or so at other stores!
In the photo below you can see a hair tie with a light chiffon ribbon that's perfect for spring, and a hair clip in an easy-to-use size that holds the hair securely in place. Tying your hair so that the tie is hidden is currently a big trend right now, but there are many ties and clips to buy here with larger decorations on them that are perfect for doing your hair on busy mornings.


These two earrings have a design that doesn't look like it came from a 300 yen store! These won't look cheap even if you just pair them with regular outfits. By the way, the clip-on earrings in the picture don't have a metal fixture on the back, so they look just like real earrings from the front. There's a transparent resin clip on the back that holds onto the earlobe.
There are so many types of earrings to buy here, from simple designs to ones with big decorations, that you might have trouble choosing which one to get!

Sacoche Bags and Waist Pouches

Sacoche bags and similar pocket-style bags are so popular in Japan that they even appear in magazines. They're unisex items that allow you to keep your valuables on you without weighing you down, so they're great for travel too. There are many types of sachoche style bags available at 300 yen stores, but the type pictured here with a vinyl window on the back is particularly recommended. It's very handy because you can use your smartphone without having to take it out of the bag.
You can see a hip pack on the left side of the photo. These are really on-trend as street wear right now. You don't just have to wear these on your hips - you can wear them cross-body for a sportier look, too. Vinyl bags are trending for the 2019 spring season, so why not get the look with a hip pack?

Smartphone Ring

You use a smartphone ring by sticking it to the back, then putting your finger through it when you hold your phone. Smartphones with big screens are easy to drop, and can be hard to type on too. Using these rings means you can use your phone stress-free, even if you're standing on the train.
Another handy thing about these rings is that you can use them as a stand either in portrait or landscape mode. This is really useful when you're watching videos.
They don't all come in feminine designs like the one in the picture. There are plenty that come in more simple designs like gold or silver, too.

The products introduced in this article are from 3COINS, but other 300 yen stores like illusie300 and Lattice are also recommended. Whether you're shopping for yourself or for souvenirs, you're sure to find plenty of cheap and affordable items there!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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