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A Must-Read For Fashion Lovers! 10 Popular Clothing Brands in Japan

When looking at the directory department stores, it can be difficult to know what style of clothing each store sells just by looking at the names. With that in mind, here is an introduction to 10 popular fashion brands in Japan! Once you know the characteristics of each brand, you will have a much easier and more enjoyable time shopping for clothes.

Designer Brands

Designer brands stand on the forefront of the fashion scene with their unique designs. Many brands present their collections at fashion shows like Paris Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week, attracting fans from all over the world. While these brands aren’t cheap, you’ll be one of the first to jump on the latest fashion trends, and you’ll be able to wear them for quite a long time due to their quality. Here are a few designer brands that all lovers of fashion will want to visit when in Japan.


Established by designer Rei Kawakubo in 1969, this luxury ready-to-wear brand’s designs are characterized by its overwhelming sense of playfulness. They often collaborate with world-famous brands like Nike and Louis Vuitton, so you will definitely want to peek your head in for a look if you ever pass by one of their stores.
The brand consists of several lines with different styles, including many items with quite eccentric designs, but the simple and basic one-point brand “PLAY COMME des GARÇONS” is recommended for newcomers to the brand.
Many of their items are emblazoned with a red heart, the icon of COMME des GARÇONS, and they make for great souvenirs as well. T-shirts cost between 10,000 to 20,000 JPY.


Yohji Yamamoto

This brand was created by designer Yohji Yamamoto, who has achieved a level of global fame on par with Rei Kawakubo. His designs have a rebellious touch, which he first revealed with his collection at Paris Fashion Week in 1981. This collection rocketed him to fame and stirred controversy in the fashion world as it challenged the idea that clothes should be made to match the silhouette of the body, and also featured designs in black from head-to-toe, which was considered taboo at the time.
If you happen across a Yohji Yamamoto store, by all means you should consider adding one of the designs, with their characteristically large silhouettes, to your wardrobe. One size can fit a wide range of body types, and the appearance of the outfit can change completely depending on who is wearing it. Among the various clothing lines, “B Yohji Yamamoto” has the simplest designs, and can be purchased for around 20,000 yen per item.

Yohji Yamamoto


The ISSEY MIYAKE brand is known for its pleating, and the line PLEATS PLEASE ISSEY MIYAKE consists entirely of pleated items.
After the clothes are sewn into shape, they are pleated with a special technique called “garment pleating.” Their clothes are lightweight, wrinkle-free, washable, and can be compactly packed away into luggage or storage - all of which makes them perfect for travelers! The designs are fashionable and have just the right amount of shimmer, and can be worn in a variety of occasions from casual to dressy by anyone, regardless of age. Pleated shirts cost around 16,000 JPY and up.



EVISU is a Japanese jeans brand manufactured and sewed with top-notch techniques and makes appearances at events such as Paris Fashion Week. When walking the streets of Japan, you will see many people wearing jeans with EVISU’s signature seagull mark on their back pocket.
These jeans are most notable for their beautiful fading. The jeans have a unique texture and change color over a long period of time to an aqua color. They are high quality and sturdy, so you can enjoy the fading of these jeans for many years. Many of their jeans can be purchased for around 30,000 JPY.


NEIGHBORHOOD is a brand of street wear established in Harajuku, Tokyo, by designer Shinsuke Takizawa. The brand features a unique mix of styles including motorcycle, military, outdoor, and trad styles, which define the casual, fashionable style typical of Harajuku. It’s perfect for those who like items such as distressed jeans and casual leather jackets.
The price for shirts is from 20,000 to 30,000 JPY.


Casual Brands

The good thing about casual fashion brands is that they have many locations at department stores and shopping malls, making them quite easy to find. These brands all provide relatively affordable clothing items that follow the latest trends and are easy to incorporate into your daily wardrobe. You can get a good sense of the current trends in Japan just by taking a look inside these stores.


This shop sells imported goods, original clothing, and other miscellaneous goods from various brands. There are a variety of clothes on offer, with styles that range from fun and casual to urban and chic, so if you go with a friend you can each find something that suits your tastes.
There are many clothing lines on offer, and you should also take a look at other items such as the bag collaboration with Yoshida Kaban called “B JIRUSHI YOSHIDA”. This collaboration between BEAMS and Yoshida Kaban, which is known for its simple, sturdy bags, can be purchased at Kansai International Airport as well as Narita Airport. Bags cost from 10,000 to 50,000 JPY.


UNITED ARROWS is a shop selling sophisticated clothing from various brands, and the “UNITED ARROWS green label relaxing” line is popular for offering items at more affordable prices. Compared to BEAMS, which sells items with a young, stylish customer in mind, UNITED ARROWS has many items aimed at a more mature crowd for both men and women, so you’ll be able to find clothes that can be worn in the office. Tops are reasonably priced at around 10,000 to 20,000 JPY.
By the way, UNITED ARROWS also carries a line of ladies’ shoes called “Odette e Odile” that is popular for its use of color and shape. At UNITED ARROWS, you can buy shoes to match your clothes, so give them a visit and coordinate your next outfit!



This brand analyzes casual trends in cities around the world (thus the name “urban research”) in order to put together a collection of daily wear, dresswear, and lifestyle goods. There are many casual, yet urban and stylish items for sale here, and it is even quite popular with families. The price for a top is around 10,000 JPY.
The line “URBAN RESEARCH DOORS” consists of kitchenware and other miscellaneous goods, so you can level-up your lifestyle and coordinate your whole room!


This is the most affordable brand to be introduced in this list. It is very commonly found in large-scale shopping malls, making it easy to find for visitors to Japanese cities. GLOBAL WORK has many casual items, and is recommended for those who want to rock the latest trends without breaking the bank. There is a huge variety of clothes on offer for men, women, and kids, making this a place to enjoy shopping with the whole family.


This is a shop selling items from various brands that has an atmosphere similar to the previously introduced UNITED ARROWS. It is a brand that is recommended for those who like refined, elegant clothing. The best thing about TOMORROWLAND is the high quality of all of their items! While the clothing isn’t cheap, you do get a lot for your money considering the high quality. Of course, the items are stylish too on top of being well-made, so you can look forward to wearing them for a long time.


Rather than entering clothing stores randomly, it’s much more efficient to have specific stores and fashion brands in mind when shopping. With that in mind, please use this list as a reference to find a fashion brand that suits you.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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