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Cheap and Convenient! 10 Select Discount Stores in Japan

Don Quijote is one of the most famous discount store in Japan, but there are actually many others. Some are only available in particular regions of the country. This time, we introduce 10 select discount stores.

1. Don Quijote

This is a discount store with 400 outlets, primarily in Japan. It is known not only for its cheap prices, but also for the wide selection of products that include home appliances, clocks, brand name products, interior decoration, clothing and accessories, household products, toys, food and a variety of miscellaneous items. Its appeal also includes "convenience" for its long hours and the element of "fun" thanks to the entertaining design. Almost all branches provide tax free services, with the larger stores equipped with dedicated tax free counters. All branches have a convenient service of answering questions and offering advice in four languages (English, Chinese, Korean and Thai) over a video conferencing system.

1. Don Quijote

2. D!REX

D!REX has branches primarily in the Kyushu, Shikoku and Chugoku regions. It sells approximately 16,000 different products of a variety of types, including foods, cosmetics, electric appliances, and clothing. Most of the products they sell are of respected Japanese brands. It also focuses on developing its private brand to offer products that meet the consumers' desired TPOS (time, place, occasion and style). Most of its branches are open every day, so it has a steady fan base as a reliable store where you can buy quality products at any time.

3. Super Kid

Super Kid is a discount store chain with 29 branches (as of May 2016) in the Kyushu area, mainly around Kumamoto Prefecture. Its motto is to be "a store with the liveliest staff, products and shop floor". It is known not just for the low prices, but also for the convenient and fun product selection. It sells a variety of items ranging from food and cosmetics, to electric appliances, clothing, and pharmaceuticals. Seasonal products that reflect the time of year and regional events are also sold.

4. Japan

Japan is a discount drugstore owned by the Sugi Pharmacy Group that operates numerous drug stores across the country. Its branches are primarily in the suburbs of the Kansai and Kanto Regions, and sell a variety of products ranging from pharmaceuticals and cosmetics to food and liquor (the selection differs by store). The goal of the chain is to sell everyday necessities at "the lowest prices in the area".

5. SuperTamade

SuperTamade is one of Osaka's leading discount supermarket chains. It has 47 branches in Osaka and one in Hyogo Prefecture, most of which are open 24-hours a day. It is also known for the gaudy sign, with red writing on a yellow background, that is brightly lit at night. Some branches have electric decorations on the roof that look like fireworks. The prices are extremely low with three to four products a day sold at just 1 JPY (one per person purchasing more than 1,000 JPY). It has recently become a popular destination for foreign tourists.

6. The BIG

This is a discount store by AEON Group, Japan's largest supermarket chain operator. Under the slogan of "the more you buy the cheaper it is", it sells fresh foods and other daily necessities at amazing prices. The lineup of products differs by store, with some selling clothing, kitchen goods, and leisure goods.

7. Olympic

Olympic is a chain that operates in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama prefectures. There are different types of stores, including discount stores, supermarkets, specialty stores and combinations of them. The discount stores sell a variety of items ranging from everyday necessities to DIY tools and leisure goods. There is a large variety of items at great prices.


This is a supermarket chain in the Kanto Region, primarily in the Tokyo Metropolitan area. It offers "everyday low prices" modeled on the world's largest retailer, Walmart of the US. It is popular for its dedication to offering the lowest prices in the area, matching low prices of domestic brand products by other stores.


TRIAL operates 212 stores around the country, primarily supercenter type* stores. Products include foods, clothing, everyday necessities and pharmaceuticals, depending on the store. This is a place where you can purchase super cheap products as well as high quality original brand products in one location.

*A retail form that combines supermarkets and discount stores and sells all products related to life's necessities on one floor to be paid for in one location.

10. Rogers

Rogers, which opened in 1973 as Japan's first discount store, has branches primarily in Saitama Prefecture. It became famous nationwide when its sign was shown in the dance competition scene of the 1996 Japanese movie, Shall We Dance. It sells a variety of products ranging from daily necessities to home appliances and pharmaceuticals. You can get everything in one store, so it is a great spot for tourists who have limited time.

We introduced a variety of stores including chains known for their wide selection of products, to shops focusing on food. They are great places to buy souvenirs, sweets, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, and to purchase food to eat while staying in Japan.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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