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【2018 Edition】Six Select Items to Purchase from Japanese Cosmetics Brands

There are many Japanese cosmetics brands that are particular about the ingredients, packaging and quality of their products. This article will introduce three such brands, along with six items.


HAKUZA is a manufacturer that produces a variety of products made with traditional kinpaku (gold leaf) production techniques. Included is a line of luxurious skincare and cosmetics products made with kinpaku. It has stores in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, as well as Kanazawa, where the vast majority of Japan's kinpaku is produced.

Beauty Kinpaku Pop Up Platinum Kinpaku with Collagen Pack of 8

Beauty Kinpaku is a luxurious skincare technique of blending gold leaf made for facial care directly onto the skin. With this product, you can easily get premium skincare at home. It includes eight Platinum Kinpaku made by adding collagen (a moisturizing agent) to Japanese washi paper used to hammer out the kinpaku. It has a soft and smooth texture achieved through a proprietary technique developed specifically for skincare. The Platinum Kinpaku come in a pop-up package for easy use of the kinpaku that is otherwise difficult to handle.

Price: 1,620 JPY (incl. tax)


CHAYA cosme Cream for Body - Red Plum Scent 50g

CHAYA cosme is a line of body care and makeup made with the beauty and charm of "Chaya Bijin", located in the sophisticated Higashi Chaya District of Kanazawa, in mind. In particular, the rich body cream with kinpaku is recommended. The gentle cream with hyaluronic acid​ keeps the skin moist. The plum fragrance and packaging is also appealing.

Price: 1,404 JPY (incl. tax)


CHAYA cosme Cream for Body - Red Plum Scent 50g

COREDO Muromachi 1 1F, 2-2-1 Muromachi, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


Oise-san is a brand of cosmetics made with the image of worship at Ise Shrine. The cosmetics are made with high quality natural ingredients. The only dedicated store is the main store near the Geku of Ise Jingu, but some items are sold in some branches of Loft and Tokyu Hands.

Okiyome Koi Lip Treatment

This is a lip balm that will give you alluringly plump lips. It is made with natural moisturizers such as castor oil, rice bran wax and beeswax, and agents which prevent lip chapping such as daylily root extract and evening primrose oil. It adheres to the lips and them. The jasmine, rose geranium and lavender scents hint of love. No coloring or preservatives are used. It comes in a convenient tube.

Price: 1,620 JPY (incl. tax)

Okiyome Koi Spray

In Japan, salt has long been used for purification and cleansing. This is a room spray that was developed by taking inspiration from that practice. It is made using sun-dried salt with minerals. The ingredients include the essential oils of jasmine, which has long been considered to be a scent that represents love, rose geranium and lavender. The delicate and florid scent might heighten the momentum of love.

Price: 1,080 JPY (incl. tax)

Okiyome Koi Spray

13-23 Hon-machi, Ise-shi, Mie


This is a skincare brand that represents the vigorous beauty of native wild plants that grow in Japan's natural environment. It offers a line of products made with wild grass and plants, such as soaps and lotions that lead to beautiful, healthy and moist skin as well as hair care and body care products. There are six dedicated stores in Tokyo (Marunouchi and Shinjuku), Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka. Items can also be ordered online for delivery in Japan and in six other countries in Asia (China, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore).

Cleansing Oil Yuzu

This is a cleansing oil with the gentle scent of yuzu citrus. It is made with plant oils such as that of safflower and rice bran, which act as cleansing agents. The product has a texture that blends well on the skin. The cushiony texture of the oil helps to remove makeup comfortably.

Price: 2,160 JPY for 120 ml, 1,836 JPY for 115ml replacement (both incl. tax)

Moisturizing Cream

The Moisturizing Cream for plump and supple skin is also recommended. It is made with amachazuru and grape-leaf plant oil (moisturizing ingredients) obtained by steeping the leaves in oil obtained from sunflowers and sesame. The smooth textured cream spreads easily and gently on the skin. It has a warm and gentle aroma primarily from the essential oil of yuzu citrus.

Price: 4,104 JPY for 25g, 3,283 JPY for 20g replacement (both incl. tax)

Moisturizing Cream

JP Tower 4F, 2-7-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Be sure to look for these items when you are in Japan next!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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