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Buy Products Unique to Japan at Low Prices! 7 Famous Supermarkets in Japan

If you want to scrimp and buy stuff at more affordable prices wherever you are traveling, then you should consider going to a supermarket that locals attend. They sell a lot of products that are only found in Japan. Below are seven famous supermarkets in the country that you must check out!


AEON Group boasts the largest scale of operations in Japan in terms of the number of outlets they own and the size of the area it covers. It has a shop virtually in all regions and provinces in the country, ranging from general supermarkets to shopping malls. Its shops handle a wide array of products, including food products, fresh food and daily necessities, as well as clothing, household appliances, medicine and pet supplies. In particular, the PB products under its TOP VALUE brand have become customer favorites thanks to their great quality and reasonable prices. Another appeal of this chain is that many of its AEON Mall locations house popular fashion brands, such as UNIQLO.

2. MaxValu

MaxValu is another famous supermarket that is operated by the same group that runs AEON. Taking pride in having the largest number of shops in Japan, this supermarket is the sole nationwide chain that has outlets from Hokkaido up to Okinawa. The majority of the products that it sells in its stores are food products. Many of its shops also operate 24 hours a day, so the secret behind its success lies in its availability and accessibility that makes it feel like a convenience store. Furthermore, the brands under the MaxValu Group are divided up and include the Grand shops that are large-size stores offering a more extensive lineup of products, as well as the Prime shops that carry high-quality and slightly expensive products.

3. Ito Yokado

Ito Yokado is a comprehensive supermarket representing the metropolitan areas of Japan. Many of its stores are located in the Kanto region, centering on Tokyo, where it was founded. With outlets located near train stations, inside shopping malls and many other areas, it is dedicated to addressing the needs of each region. Aside from groceries, fresh food and daily necessities, its branches also sell home appliances, cosmetics and other products. It is also exerting utmost effort into PB apparel.

3. Ito Yokado


SEIYU is a general supermarket that is known as the brains behind MUJI’s products, which are incredibly popular worldwide. There are branches that have floors dedicated to MUJI, so make sure to drop by. It has outlets in various locations throughout Japan, but most of them are found in Tokyo, Fukuoka and Nagano. Furthermore, it is under the major global chain, Walmart, so it draws in customers with offerings of products directly imported from the U.S., sweets from around the world, and other items. It sells groceries, fresh food, home supplies, apparel and other products.

5. APiTA

APiTA is a large-scale comprehensive supermarket and shopping center that is mainly found in the Chubu/Kanto region. It doesn’t limit itself to selling groceries, fresh food and daily necessities, as some of its branches also house GU and other famous fashion brands, NITORI and other famous furniture, interior decoration and household goods stores.


PIAGO is a supermarket that is operated by the group behind APiTA. Characterized by its lineup of community-based goods and services, this supermarket is a small/medium-scale shop that has an atmosphere with a more working-class vibe than APiTA. The majority of the products it sells are food products. Its outlets are mostly found in the Chubu/Kanto region.

7. HalloDay

HalloDay is a supermarket that mainly operates in Fukuoka. Despite being a local supermarket, it is a popular chain that is known as “the most inspected supermarket in Japan” as it is constantly checked out by all of its major rival companies. The secret to its popularity lies in its elaborate display. Imagine cute stuffed toys with giant motifs that resemble a rocky mountain and mushroom, as well as an airplane that hovers on the ceiling toward a waterfall that is flowing inside a cave… It’s just like an amusement park! Furthermore, the products it sells are displayed in an appealing way using the right lighting and arrangement style, so there is no doubt that shopping here is a lot of fun. It mostly sells groceries, fresh food and daily necessities.

Each supermarket on this list has its own unique characteristics. Please visit any one of them anytime!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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