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7 Unique Drinks You Can Purchase at Japanese Vending Machines

Japan leads the world with its number of vending machines, which offer a variety of drinks. Among them are some drinks that are sure to catch your eye due to their uniqueness. Why don't you try a unique Japanese drink as one of your travel memoirs?

1. Pudding Shake

This drink lets you enjoy sweet pudding in the form of a drink. Before opening the can, the instructions state that you must shake the container 5 times to disintegrate the pudding inside. The can does not come with a cover, so you must remember to shake before opening. The pudding may become running if it's shaken too much, and while that is still delicious, it is recommended to shake only 5 times to get the most out of the texture.

2. Shizuoka Cola

Shizuoka Cola is a soda from Shizuoka, famous for tea. One thing about this drink is that it contains green tea from Shizuoka. Once you take a sip, it might taste just like regular cola, but later on gives you a fresh, bitter aftertaste and scent of green tea. This drink sells out well at Shizuoka and has been covered in the media as well as magazines. Please give this a try when you visit Shizuoka.

3. Ribbon Futte Futte Jelly Grape

This is a refreshing grape flavored drink that you may enjoy after crushing the jelly inside by shaking the container a couple of times before opening. If you shake the container about 5 times up and down, you will be able to enjoy the jelly in a pudding like texture, but you should be able to enjoy it like a smooth drink if you shake it more than 20 times as the jelly has become very fine. You may enjoy this drink in two ways if you shake it lightly at first so that you can get a hold of the texture, and then shake it more after closing the lid, so that you may have it as a drink.

3. Ribbon Futte Futte Jelly Grape

4. Corn Potage

Corn Potage is a drink that each beverage company brings into the market once the colder season hits. This delicious drink warms our body and also satisfies your hunger. You may find drinks of the same type that have corn kernels, but it is actually hard to drink the whole thing without leaving behind some bits and pieces. Please give this a try.

5. Oshiruko (Red Bean Soup)

This is another type of drink that is released in the colder months. Oshiruko is a sweet soup made of boiled azuki red beans, and this is a canned version. Please give this drink a try, as just like the corn potage, it is quite difficult to finish without leaving some beans behind. Please try this as a dessert, as it is much sweeter than other juices.

6. Tsubu Tappuri (Zeitaku Mikan, Zeitaku Citrus Yuzu & Lemon)

This luxurious drink has a lot of pulp inside, which gives off the feeling of a freshly squeezed fruit. You may be surprised of the feeling of the amount of pulp in your mouth, if you picture orange juice in your mouth. This will make you want to drink fruit instead, because of its mild sweetness and fresh sourness.

※ This image is of a satsuma mandarin orange drink.

6. Tsubu Tappuri (Zeitaku Mikan, Zeitaku Citrus Yuzu & Lemon)

7. Minute Maid Aloe & White Grape

This fresh drink lets you enjoy the bits and pieces of the aloe leaves along with the juices of white grape. This drink is not overly sweet - it is popular for its fresh type of sweetness. Minute Maid Aloe & White Grape contains biotin, which is known for its health benefits to the skin and mucous membrane, and is thus a popular drink among women who are beauty conscious.

7. Minute Maid Aloe & White Grape

Extra: Oden

This may not be a drink, but one famous Akihabara canned product is oden. You can avail of oden, which is a dish containing daikon radish, konjac jelly, chikuwa (grilled fish paste), quail egg, and more, at vending machines. Please try this out when you feel a bit peckish or as a side dish when drinking. This canned meal is out of the ordinary and has thus become a specialty of Akihabara. How about giving this as a souvenir, as the food can be stored at room temperature for a long time?

Aside from the ones listed above, you may also find drinks with strange flavors such as durian cider or canned miso soup at station vending machines. Why not try a drink that you would usually just pass by casually?

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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