Top 7 Chain Stores in Japan for Cheap and Fashionable Eyeglasses

It may be surprising, but Japan is home to a lot of chain stores that make eyeglasses quickly and at very reasonable prices. So, how about treating yourself to brand-new spectacles while you’re staying in the country? Here are seven recommended eyeglass chain stores in Japan.

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JINS is an eyeglass shop that is built around the concept of stylishly wearing eyeglasses in the same way as people change clothes every day since it offers customers both lens and frame for the combined price of 4,900 JPY (excl. tax) and above. This shop is recommended to those who are searching for cheap eyeglasses that are very fashionable. Here, you can get your glasses in 40 minutes on average after paying, except in the case of special lenses. Even if you have a severe case of myopia or astigmatism, you need not pay extra. The beauty of this shop is that you will be able to buy a set of eyeglasses (which includes frame, thin aspheric lens, and case) with thin aspheric lenses for the list price. They also have fancy glasses for computers and reading glasses lined up under the "Eyewear" section. JINS has about 180 branches all over Japan.

2. Zoff

With its name a combination of the last letter of the alphabet “Z” and the word “off” meaning “discount,” Zoff is a shop that implies buying at the lowest price possible. It was made famous by its reasonable and easy-to-understand pricing system of 5,000 JPY (excl. tax), 7,000 JPY (excl. tax) and 9,000 JPY (excl. tax) for a set of frame and lenses (additional charges apply for special lenses). Here, your glasses will be ready in as little as 30 minutes after you pay for them, so you can get them on the day you had them made (it may take longer depending on the type of lens). This shop always has 1,200 original frames on display, so it is constantly crowded with young customers looking for fashionable spectacles. Zoff has about 160 branches nationwide.

3. Paris Miki/Megane no Miki

Paris Miki (in eastern Japan and Megane no Miki in western Japan) is the biggest chain of eye wear shops in Japan. If you go to any one of its shops, you will be given suggestions on the best pair of eyeglasses for you from the over 700 types of glasses they have on stock. You can even try the Mikissimes Design System, wherein an AI will suggest eye wear that will suit you based on the analysis of the characteristics of your face and your sensitivity information, and you can take home the image of you with glasses in a photo or a photo sticker, all free of charge. This shop is recommended to those who are searching for better glasses through intensive counseling, regardless of the price. A set of lenses and frames is priced at 9,800 JPY (incl. tax) or more here. You can pick up your glasses the next time you visit. Paris Miki has around 800 shops in Japan.

3. Paris Miki/Megane no Miki

4. Vision Megane

Vision Megane sells a lot of frames from famous eye wear brands at the price of around 10,000 JPY. While that price already includes the lenses, you will have to pay extra if you want lenses that are not the standard lenses in the set packages. This shop also works hard on its original brand, with its Super Taflex (23,800 JPY (incl. tax)) becoming the first eyeglass frame in the world to adopt a special coating that can be restored in about 10 seconds in case of scratches from daily use. This brand is recommended to people who want glasses that match the environment where they use glasses and their lifestyle, rather than those who want to buy glasses quickly. Vision Megane has 105 stores around Japan.

5. Megane no Aigan

At Megane no Aigan, you will get suggestions on eye wear that will work in every aspect of life, including sports (swimming, golf, running, cycling, etc.), outdoors and the bath, so it is the perfect shop for those who are searching for a pair of glasses for every scenario. Here, a set of frame and lenses costs 4,990 JPY (incl. tax) and above. They also have a wide range of glasses for kids that were designed based on the characteristics of children, and not glasses that are just the smaller versions of their counterparts for adults. This shop adopts smart pricing that does not come with additional charges (even special lenses may be chosen at a fee), with the price tag on the glasses inside its shops showing the price of available lenses and frame. They offer a wide array of frames to choose from. If they have the frame you want in stock and they can make your glasses, then you will be able to get your new eye wear on the same day you bought them. Megane no Aigan has around 250 shops in Japan.

6. Megane Super

Megane Super is a shop that makes custom-made eyeglasses based on the results of the Total Eye Check (price starts at 500 JPY) that check factors that aren't known from the simple visual acuity test. Once your glasses are made, they will adjust them to fit the right position on your face and then carefully finish them. While most of their glasses are priced above 10,000 JPY, you will receive a discount coupon if you bring eyeglasses that you don’t need anymore. Now if the glasses you want are in stock, then you can have your new eye wear on the same day within about 60 minutes. Megane Super has around 320 stores all over Japan.


ALOOK has Megane Ichiba, a major player in the industry of eye wear, as its parent company. Here, they will suggest spectacles that you can change to match your lifestyle and fashion. Sets of glasses that include 1.55-thin spherical lenses, case and wiping cloth are priced between 5,400 JPY (incl. tax) and 19,440 JPY (incl. tax) (additional small charges may apply, depending on the type of lens). They can make your glasses in as fast as 25 minutes. This shop also proactively develops collaborative products with famous characters and other brands, and offers many unique eyeglasses. Together with ALOOK by Megane Ichiba, ALOOK has about 180 shops in all of Japan.

The eye wear shops on this list carry a lot of eyeglasses that would appeal even to those with great vision, including glasses for fashion, sports and computers, as well as sunglasses. Why not try dropping in to buy eyeglasses for your own use or for souvenir? ※The check-up may include a hearing test, so you need to be able to understand Japanese in branches without bilingual staff.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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