Loved by people of all ages! Top 5 Japanese Gummy Candies

Gummy candies in Japan are loved not only by children, but by adults as well. Given their enormous popularity, there are various kinds of gummy candies that are sold in the country right now. Here are five of the most famous gummy candies in Japan with textures you can’t get enough of, making them great as companions throughout your travels or as souvenirs!

1. Sakeru Gummy (Shine Peach)

A gummy candy that can be split? Well, Sakeru Gummy is a gummy candy that has quite an interesting and fun concept. It is considerably difficult to split this gummy candy without breaking it in the middle. They say that if you manage to tear a piece of this candy all the way through without ripping it apart, then it would be 50 cm long. Do you feel like taking the challenge? The gummy that you tear has a melt-in-your-mouth texture, giving you a strange sensation in the mouth that is totally different from the unique elasticity of gummy candies. This new type of gummy that comes in sheets does not only offer a new way to eat gummies, but also a new texture. The Shine Peach flavor shown in the photo has gold and silver foils inside! You can enjoy its juicy flavor that uses the juice of homegrown sparkling Japanese peach. Each pack of Sakeru Gummy has seven pieces inside and costs about 100 JPY.

1. Sakeru Gummy (Shine Peach)

2. Kaju Gummy (Grape)

Even within the wide variety of Kaju Gummies that have a solid fan base, the grape flavor is particularly popular. Using 100% fruit juice and with no coloring added, the grape variant of this gummy candy certainly tastes like the fruit flavor has been tightly packed in every bite of this gummy! This cute gummy that is shaped like a bunch of grapes is quite chewy, and with every bite, the taste of grapes will spread in your mouth. Once you start eating a piece of this gummy candy, you will quickly finish a bag without even noticing it! This gummy isn't too sweet, so the inside of your mouth will still feel fresh even after eating a bag of it. This is a gummy candy that continues to enjoy steady popularity. Each bag weighs about 51g and costs around 100 JPY.

2. Kaju Gummy (Grape)

3. Colaup

This gummy candy is shaped like a cute soda bottle, but as soon as you put it in your mouth, you might be confused about the sensation that its hard bite gives. Gummy means rubber in German, and this gummy candy best represents that meaning! Each piece of this gummy is quite big, filling your mouth with the taste of cola in every bite. It’s a must for gummy lovers, as well as soda lovers! Each bag weighs 100g and costs around 180 JPY.

4. Cororo (Muscat)

This gummy candy that uses 100% fruit juice has a texture that will make it seem like you are actually eating real grapes. Just open a bag and you will smell the scent of succulent muscat. It is so juicy that when the gummy breaks, the taste of the juice will fill your mouth! With Cororo, you won’t be able to resist its juiciness and chewiness that's so real you might think it actually is a fruit! Each bag weighs 40g and costs around 140 JPY.

5. Chibi SOURS (Assorted Fruits)

Chibi SOURS Gummy has four different flavors in one pack, making it a great value. Each piece of this gummy may be small, but it has a hard texture and is quite filling. There are different fun ways to eat it, too, such as stuffing your mouth with all four flavors at once or combining the flavors. What’s good about this gummy candy is that each piece is small, so there are many of them inside the bag and they won’t run out right away. It has a sour flavor, and when you take a bite, you will get accustomed to the fruitiness little by little. This sour flavor is actually a great accent for this candy, bringing out and enhancing the delicious flavor in every piece. Each bag weighs 80g and costs around 180 JPY.

5. Chibi SOURS (Assorted Fruits)

Children and adults love gummy candy. The gummies listed here are all available at convenience stores and supermarkets. Be careful with gummies, though, because eating a lot of gummies in one sitting could weaken your stomach.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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