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5 Recommended Autumn-Limited Beers to Buy in Japan


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There are many seasonally limited beers on sale in Japan, so there's often a display in stores. Here are 5 autumn-only beers that you can buy in supermarkets and convenience stores.

1. Kirin Beer's Akiaji

Kirin's Akiaji is one of the best-known autumn limited beers (The phrase "akiaji" means "the taste of autumn"). It first started being sold more than 20 years ago, so it's a beer that represents autumn. Every year, the package featuring autumn leaves is re-designed to emulate Japanese autumn. It has a slightly high alcoholic content at 6%, and it uses about 1.3 times the amount of malt as regular Kirin beer. It has just the right amount of bitterness and a thick texture, so it's goes well with seasonal Japanese ingredients, including fatty fish like saury. This is a beer that you can leisurely enjoy with meals.

Official Homepage (Japanese only)

2. Kirin Beer's Izayoi no Tsuki

Izayoi no Tsuki is Kirin Beer's autumn limited beer under their Grand Kirin series. The package is made with a moon design, and it's a beer made to enjoy while gazing out at the moon on a long autumn night. They use rare Calypso hops to make it an IPA (India Pale Ale) that balances the aromas from sweet, ripe berries and refreshing citrus. It has a perfect bitterness and a high-quality aroma, so you can drink the whole thing without getting tired of the flavor. You can drink it alone to enjoy the flavor, or pair it with light dishes like white-fleshed fish. Please try it!

Official Homepage (Japanese only)

3. Sapporo Beer's Kohaku Yebisu

Yebisu Beer is one of Japan's representative high-class beers, and Kohaku Yebisu is their autumn-limited beer. It's a popular beer that's been on sale yearly for more than 10 years, and even though it used to be available at restaurants and drinking establishments as a draft beer throughout the year, thanks to the requests from customers, it is now sold as an autumn-limited canned beer as well. This beer's biggest characteristic is its amber coloring. The flavor is rich, deep, and mellow, and it makes beer fans hum with contentedness. The florid design of the red packaging is great for souvenirs!

Official Homepage (Japanese only)

4. Suntory's The Premium Malts Aki Kaoru Beer

This is The Premium Malts' autumn limited beer that was born of a desire for flavor and aroma. This beer is an ale that was made using top fermentation. It uses various types of malts for a fragrant, rich aroma, and it's characterized by its mellow flavor that isn't very bitter. Please enjoy the fruity sweetness and richness!

Official Homepage (Japanese only)

5. Asahi Beer's Clear Asahi Aki no Kohaku

Clear Asahi is a popular low-malt beer, and Aki no Kohaku is the autumn-limited version. It uses 1.5 times the barley, so it has a fragrant, roasted aroma and richness. When you drink it, the roasted sweetness comes through but it's not very bitter and has a refreshing aftertaste. It's very easy to drink so it's great for when you're thirsty, and it goes well with all sorts of dishes. Please give it a taste.

Official Homepage (Japanese only)

All of these beers have different flavors and packaging designs for the season. There are many unique beers out there, so they're great for when you want to drink something different. If you find it, please try it! All of them are sold at discretionary prices.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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