Top 5 Japanese High-Class Brands that are Famous Overseas

There has been a rise in the number of high-class brands that have been winning overwhelming support abroad for the unique sensitivity and sensibility of Japanese designers. Here are five carefully selected high-class brands that are also popular in overseas markets.

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1. Sacai

Sacai has cemented its position as a fashion brand that epitomizes Japan. Established in 1999 by Chitose Abe who had worked as a pattern maker for knits at Comme de Garçons, Sacai has become popular in magazines and within the fashion industry for its designs and quality, ballooning into a famous brand in the blink of an eye. With clothes made based on the concept of “designs built upon regular life,” Sacai is creating Sacai-style new standards by mixing different materials in basic items and making designs in unique silhouettes. This brand is very particular about the use of superior materials for knits, so its knitted clothes have gained the reputation of not pilling and for lasting a long time. Sacai is recommended to people who want long-loved basic items that are also trendy.

2. beautiful people

The popularity of beautiful people caught fire thanks to its kid-sized rider's jackets. Its kids' series of clothes that is based on the concept of “children’s clothes for adults” has gained a reputation that “the silhouette when the clothes are worn is compact and beautiful!” with the rider’s jacket symbolizing the brand. Their sizes range from 120cm to 150cm, and when you buy, you do not choose the size according to your height, but based on your preferred silhouette. While the rider’s jacket has a hard image, if you wear a smaller size, it goes well with any clothes and can be worn over a long period of time. Another staple item in this brand’s kids series is the trenchcoat. You should definitely experience transforming your body by wearing different silhouettes from beautiful people's kids' line.


The legendary famous brand “green,” which regrettably ceased operating in 2008, was re-launched as HYKE in 2013. This brand by designers Hideaki Yoshihara and Yukiko Ode adheres to the concept of “Heritage and Revolution," which they define as a look back on history to build a legacy with HYKE’s own sensibility. At HYKE, they do not make original designs, but they rake through items that have been worn in the past based in history and production techniques, and then reassemble these items in order to let them transition to the current world. They make simple designs that can be worn every day. In 2014, HYKE announced the launch of collaboration lines with long-established British brand MACKINTOSH and the global sports brand Adidas. HYKE is a hot high-class Japanese brand whose delicate techniques have been winning high regard and wide recognition worldwide. In Japan, you can purchase its clothes from such places as Barney's New York.


Launched in 1997 by designer Yasuko Furuta, TOGA is known as a brand that counts Lady Gaga as a fan. Starting with Paris Fashion Week, it has won international acclaim and has gained a lot of fans even among leaders in the industry and artists. It has no particular target market, as its products are divided into eight lines that include the Men’s Line and Accessory Line, with each line created under its own concept. This brand’s lines are characterized by their bold and innovative design and functionality. Now out of all its products, the TOGA PULLA shoes, which are lower-priced and come in different colors and sizes, have been especially famous of late. With many of them having avant garde designs with hard buckles and lace-up closures, these shoes have been drawing a lot of attention. A lot of this brand's products come in basic colors such as black and brown, so they raise the level of chic by combining them with simple coordinates. This very fact also makes TOGA a hot topic on Instagram. For those who are still unaware of this brand, you should definitely check it out.


As a street brand that has gained a cult following, UNDERCOVER has come to be highly regarded worldwide at Paris Fashion Week. Characterized by its unique design that lies somewhere between street and mode, this brand constantly offers new fashion ideas to the world. It has become famous because sometimes it goes feminine or sporty in design, and it would dramatically incorporate seasonal themes into its western clothes to give you a new sense of freshness in its use of color, shape, and lines that you won’t find anywhere else. In particular, its crushed denim and jacket with a mix of different materials will make you feel the essence of both street and mode, so they have attracted quite the attention. Its level of recognition shot up in recent years thanks to collaborations with such brands as Uniqlo and Nike. It isn't an exaggeration to say that UNDERCOVER has become one of the brands that best represent Japan in the fashion world.

Try to get a hold of the pieces made by these designers and see for yourself the thorough dedication and exquisite designs of these Japanese designers that have earned acclaim all over the world!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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Writer: Mayuka Ueno

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