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A must-see for fashionistas! 5 Japanese Fashion Brands

Fashion trends come and go quickly, but here are 5 Japanese brands that have remained popular with young Japanese women.

1. snidel

Snidel is a brand aimed at women in their 20s and 30s with the concept of street mixing with formal. They offer mature silhouettes and coordinates using girly features like pastel colors, floral print, and lace, for pieces that are very popular among Japanese women. They have many dresses and sets that are detailed and cute and tickle women's fancy, and it's said that just wearing one of their items makes one look fashionable. Snidel has many fans among celebrities and models, so there are many items that sell out right away when someone famous is seen wearing it. Just as their concept says, depending on how you wear it can look casual or it can look formal so it's easy to wear, making it a recommended brand.

1. snidel

2. Ungrid

This brand has the concept of "a new class casual," and they develop casual clothes with a new kind of quality. It's a relatively new brand, having debuted in 2011, but there are already branches around the country, a book introducing nothing but Ungrid clothing was very popular, and they have customers from all generations. They use just the right amount of inspiration from various places like ethnic clothing and surfing styles, materials that let you relax, and playful silhouettes, and all of their pieces can be easily paired with jeans for easy wearing. Also, Ungrid's accessories are very popular because they're considered cute. Their necklaces and earrings using materials like feathers and shells easily make you look fashionable. This is a recommended brand for people that like simple but stylish casual styles.

2. Ungrid


LOWRYS FARM mixes basic, timeless items with the latest trends to create clean pieces. They target women who want clothes for every day life and want to buy items that they can wear for a long time while still being on-trend. This brand is so popular they have branches not just in Japan but also overseas. The reason LOWRYS FARM is so popular is the ability to mix and match as well as the refined details casually used in their designs. They offer a variety of clothes, including T-shirts, denim, skirts, dresses, and more, mostly in muted colors so it's easy to mix and match in your every day life. Currently, they offer the trendy maxi skirts, culottes, lace camisoles meant to be worn in a layered outfit, items that you can continue to love even after the trends have passed. If you have interest in Japanese fashion but want items that you can wear for a long time, this is a brand perfect for you.


4. 31 Sons de mode

31 Sons de mode is a brand with the concept of "sweet elegance," and they offer a new conservative style for women who want to enjoy fashion every day. Over the past ten years, the image that Japanese working women's conservative style is boring has been broken, and they have offered high-quality, fashionable items that you can wear in the office the whole time. Because of that, it's very popular among 20 - 30 year old working women, and lately it's become a representative of the phrase "mature cute" that is often seen in women's magazines. They have jackets and shirts that can be worn both to go to work and in casual situations, dresses that are perfect for weekend dates, and more! This is recommended for people that want to enjoy feminine fashions.

5. moussy

Moussy was created to really bring the "109-style fashion" (a type of subculture under gyaru fashion) to Japan in 2000. It has continued to lead 109-style fashion, and now it's an incredibly famous brand known not just in Japan but also overseas. They have plenty of cool and sexy items and use components from styles like vintage rock into their designs to create a style that represents a woman with all eyes on her. Their denim is particularly lauded to the point that moussy now equals denim. Among them, their stretch skinny jeans that make your legs look thin are particularly popular. There are many people that say that they can't wear any other jeans now that they've tried moussy's. Why not try it for yourself?

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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