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5 Stationery You Should Buy in Japan

Japan is full of stationery that's high-quality and made with plenty of originality. There are many foreigners who get excited by these products and end up buying them in bulk. Here are 5 recommended items to pick up.

1. Frixion

Frixion is a super popular ballpoint pen that's sold more than 10 million units total. Frixion's characteristic is its erasability. You can erase the ink using friction from the rubber on the top of the pen and there's no eraser shavings left behind. Since you can write, erase, and rewrite using just one instrument, it makes life easier for people who usually use regular erasers or correction fluid! They have a huge variety of colors, and they have not just ballpoint pens but also felt-tip pens, highlighters, and colored pencils. You can use them for business, for studying, and kids can use them for drawing, but it's recommended that you use them to write in your planner. Since you can erase it, if your plans change or you need to rewrite your memos, you can keep your planner clean and you'll want to fill it up even more. However, it might be a problem if the writing disappears from important documents so make sure not to use it on those!

2. Del Guard

Del Guard has an impressive catchphrase, and that's "it won't break anymore." This means that this is a mechanical pencil with unbreakable lead! There are many people dissatisfied with how easily mechanical pencils broke when you pressed down. But Del Guard is made so that the lead won't break no matter how much pressure you use on it. It prevents breakage due to the internal spring that protects the lead by pushing vertical force upwards. If force comes from the side the metal part at the end of the pencil automatically shields the lead to protect it. Also, the axis is made so that the lead won't get stuck. This one groundbreaking item will reduce all the stresses you've felt while using a mechanical pencil to zero. This is one that all mechanical pencil users should try.

3. Harinacs

Harinacs has been very popular because it hit the markets since it's a stapler that doesn't need staples. Regular staplers require spare staples, and there must have been times in your life where you pulled a staple out of a paper only to rip it. But this stapler doesn't need spare staples and you can easily break the seal between the papers. There are two kinds, the type that opens a hole or the press type. The type that opens a hole can bundle up to 10 sheets of copy-grade paper, and you can clearly confirm where the hole is made so it's good for business meetings and school print-outs. The press type can connect 5 sheet of copy-grade paper, and the press area is only about 1cm so it's hard to see and it isn't bulky. Since you can easily remove the papers from each other without leaving marks it's good for important documents. It's convenient to use instead for wrapping and in place of clips. This innovative product is also really eco-friendly on top of being stylish.

4. CamiApp S

It isn't too much to say that the CamiAppS is the notebook of the future. This groundbreaking piece of stationery turns the notes that you write on paper into data! You can access the data using a special app so you can check it anytime and anywhere. If you use the special marker it will automatically add tags and you can import it into Google Docs, Evernote, Dropbox, or other apps. If you add an entire notebook, it will manage your notebooks by adding numbers to them so there's no need to create a filing system yourself. If you're making documents from scratch, if you turn it into data from the beginning you'll save a lot of time. While it's fine for personal use, it's even more convenient when used by a team. Everyone can add memos to it during discussions or meetings, so it makes reporting, contacting, or advising even smoother. This is a magical notebook for people that want to see better results at work!

5. Dot Liner

Dot Liner is an overwhelmingly top seller among tapes. The reason for its popularity is in the name: the sticky glue that's usually used for tapes comes out in dots. While usual tape uses paper or plastic that can get tangled up, Dot Liner doesn't use that and it doesn't leave wrinkles. Also, there are more than 10 kinds of Dot Liner to match your needs. There's Dot Liner Knock for daily home or office use that's made like a pen. There's Dot Liner Stamp that uses a pin-point amount made for small papers, organizing receipts, or for wrapping. The one recommended for students is Campus Dot Liner Fish for students who want to organize their print-outs. You can attach notes and loosen notes and create papers that are neat and quick. This is a necessary product for people who use tape often.

There are many groundbreaking stationery products, so if you come to Japan you should buy them and bring them back home to show off to all your friends!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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