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5 Recommended Handicraft Shops in Japan

Japan has a huge variety of handicraft shops and shops specializing in accessory parts. Here are some recommended shops offering popular crafts and accessory parts.


1. okadaya Shinjuku

They stock approximately 500,000 items! Handicraft supplies, Western dressmaking goods, clothing and accessory supplies, knitting supplies, miscellaneous ornament goods, fabric, and more are some of the selection available for sale at okadaya Shinjuku. The merchandise lined up on each floor is enough to say that isn't anything they don't carry. The fabric area branches out from the attire area and craft lovers will be unable to contain their excitement. They are also fully stocked with theatrical costumes, makeup, wigs etc. and is a widely known shop among cosplayers. Each floor has staff that also cosplay and will offer consultations on fabric selection, props, and even wig styling. It’s a “comprehensive fashion & handicraft material store" where you can discuss things you’d like to make that relate to handicrafts or items that you would like to buy. In addition to the Shinjuku store, there is also a shop in Machida.

2. Yuzawaya

Yuzawaya is a large-scale handcraft hobby supply specialty store with over 60 shops nationwide. Of course they offer handicraft supplies, but they also deal with industrial art materials, painting materials, stationery, calligraphy items, and more. Also, since each shop holds free over-the-counter classes be sure to check for those. In particular, the Kamata shop offers free classes (in Japanese only) that change daily in crafts like pressed flowers, UV resin, Tole painting, knitting, crochet, misanga, beading, and more so be sure to try and participate. Each class is 10 people picked on a first come, first serve basis. They're held at 10:00 am - 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm. You might find a new hobby. If you’re pleased with the free class, you’ll be happy to buy all the materials you need right there at the store.

3. east side tokyo Flower, Craft, Wedding

east side tokyo deals with high quality artificial flower making supplies and craft parts. Arrangements which use imported artificial flowers that look completely real are all available and can be used for wedding planning. They are also fully stocked with flower vases as well as boxes for packaging the arrangement. Persons who love scrapbooking, craft punches, and UV resin should certainly head to the 4th floor. With all the products available, you won’t run out of paper, stamps, craft punches, and masking tape for your scrapbooks and you might end up overflowing with ideas. They also hold many workshops (with admission fee) for flower arrangements, scrapbooking, calligraphy, Tole painting, and more. The workshop space is on the same floor as the shop and on workshop days it is a shop where craft lovers gather and laughter resounds.

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3. east side tokyo Flower, Craft, Wedding

4. Kiwa Seisakujo

Kiwa Seisakujo is an accessory parts specialty store for handmade accessories. The highlights of their product lineup start with their Swarovski crystals and Czech cut glass. It's endorsed by Swarovski Japan, and it is the only retail store in Japan where the high quality of the parts can be surmised. They also have all the tools needed for making accessories and kits that have the degree of difficulty written on them and instructions available to the public. As a result, it is recommended for people who want to start immediately. There are also shops that have classes where you only have to pay for the materials so be sure to try them out. At the Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi there are many 20-30 minute short training courses for making crafts so they’re easy to participate in. These popular short training courses are fully book very quickly so we recommend confirming their availability in advance. They have expanded to 10 shops in the Tokyo area and 1 shop in Osaka.

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“PARTS CLUB” is an accessory parts specialty shop with over 80 shops nationwide. They sell beads of course, but they also offer a substantial stock of other original items that you won’t find anywhere else. They emphasize their original handcraft kits that come with photos attached and cost a reasonable few hundred to 1,000 JPY. Since they also have the time required as well as the skill level for every project available to the public on their website, you can reference it while making your original kit. Although the instructions are in Japanese, there are color illustrations included so it should be easy to understand. Each shop has lessons that correspond to a wide range of levels. From classes that children and beginners can enjoy, to classes for persons who would like to acquire the arts. Don’t miss your chance to try them out. The shop located a minute walk away from JR Asakusabashi station was renovated in 2013. There is also another store in the the vicinity of the Asakusabashi east exit so you can shop for all your PARTS CLUB parts at these conveniently located stores. If you’re heading towards Ikebukuro for sightseeing, how about dropping by?

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What did you think of the recommended handicraft shops? Your visit to the store can be a nice memory of your trip, and then you can have fun making your favorite item back at home!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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