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3 high-quality, reasonably priced private-label goods offered by mass retailers

We recommend adding home electronics to your shopping list while you're in Japan. At mass retail stores, high quality, reasonably priced PB (private-label brand), also known as generic brand, items have become quite popular in recent years. We chose some of the best PB products to check out.

1. Nojima PB Elsonic Compact Humidifier

Nojima is a retail store that sells computers, cell phones and other digital devices. Its PB's name is ELSONIC. They sell light bulbs and SIM cards, as well as home electronics and even drones, all designed under the concept of "Bringing convenience and peace of mind to the customer's life". One of their most popular items is the Compact Humidifier EM-HUM01. The stylish design draws you in, but it's not just looks, it is equipped with a lot of great features! It's a USB type so you can use it with your computer and even in the car. It's a very compact design, only about the size of a can, so it is easy to store and take on the go. Also, if you add aroma oils to the water inside the humidifier, it can transform into an aroma diffuser. On top of that, it's only 3,128 JPY (, so it won't hurt your wallet.

1. Nojima PB Elsonic Compact Humidifier


The consumer electronics chain store BIC CAMERA has a lot of PB brands like mesta, SWISH, and LITELINE. Out of these, SWISH stands out for its bright designs. SWISH's LED stands stand out from the pack for, if nothing else, its unique design. It was designed with simple curves, to give it a Nordic style design. It goes well with natural, simple, and cool style interior. The pictured product is the TWINBIRD LE-D1500G LED Desk stand. The light scatters from the unique reflective plate designed to maximize lighting where you need it. It is great for somewhat more of a luxury gift to bring back. The regular model goes for 10,778 JPY ( and the color changing model goes for 13,824 JPY (


3. Yamada Denki HERB Relax HELLO KITTY Triple Minus Ion Hair Dryer

Yamada Denki's HERB Relax brand focuses on making simple and easy to use products. It's a very reasonably priced PB that uses Japanese technology. They sell lots of home electronics like washing machines and microwaves as well as LED light bulbs and batteries. Their Hello Kitty collaboration collection is filled with super cute products that would make great presents. It includes a number of beauty appliances like dryers and hairdryers. Our pick is the Triple Minus Ion Hair Dryer (with hair care mode feature). It has lots of features like a hair care mode which treats your hair with negative ions and a fast drying speed dry mode so you can choose which way to dry your hair depending on your needs. The cute Hello Kitty art combined with the simple design is very feminine and cute. The price, at 4,838 JPY ( is really reasonable.

*Made for Japanese 100V input voltage.

3. Yamada Denki HERB Relax HELLO KITTY Triple Minus Ion Hair Dryer

Retailer's PB products are sold in stores and over the internet. If you need it for your country, don't forget to buy a voltage converter as well so you'll be able to use your awesome finds when you get back home!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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