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4 Recommended Electric Toothbrushes in Japan

If you look for an electric toothbrush, you will be surprised to see many kinds on display. Even for a Japanese person in a Japanese store, choosing the right one can be a difficult task. Today we will give you information about 4 high-functioning electric toothbrushes you can buy at a Japanese electronics store.

1. Panasonic "Ultrasonic Vibration Toothbrush Doltz EW-DE54"

The “Ultrasonic Vibration Toothbrush Doltz EW-DE54” by Panasonic can scrape out periodontal pathogens hiding in the periodontal pocket, known to cause periodontal disease. The main body of the product is light and easy to grip, and its brush head is designed to be small. With these features, you can thoroughly and deeply clean your teeth, even the molars in the back. Since it is equipped with a power-saving feature, the vibration is maintained at a flat frequency while gently brushing your tooth or gums without causing too much pressure. Another plus t is its short charging time. In 2 minutes, it will be ready for one time use (for about 2 minutes) and in one hour, it will be fully charged.

1. Panasonic "Ultrasonic Vibration Toothbrush Doltz EW-DE54"

2. Panasonic "Oral Jet Washer Doltz EW-DJ61"

Even if you think that you cleaned your teeth thoroughly and completely, there is still plaque that cannot be removed using a manual toothbrush. Usually, it's between teeth and in periodontal pockets. The “Oral Jet Washer Doltz EW-DJ61” was created to solve this problem. What it does is to wash off plaque that is too hard to reach using powerful water pressure. By adjusting the water pressure mode, you can clean between your teeth and periodontal pocket, and give yourself total oral care. You'll feel incredibly fresh and clean afterwards!! Try it once, and you will never want to be apart from it ever.

2. Panasonic "Oral Jet Washer Doltz EW-DJ61"

3. Panasonic "Ultrasonic Vibration Toothbrush Pocket Doltz EW-DS17"

In Japan, bathrooms are often packed after lunch time and it is hard to find enough time to thoroughly brush teeth. This is when the “Ultrasonic Vibration Toothbrush Pocket Doltz EW-DS17” (open price) comes in! With 16,000 brush strokes per minute, this product cleans and shines your teeth better than a manual tooth brush. In addition, there is a tongue brush on the back of the brush head, so you can clean plaques stuck to the surface of your tongue at the same time. As for its appearance, it looks very stylish, almost like lip gloss, and it is convenient to carry around thanks to its compact size. Put this item in your purse when you go out, and you will find yourself looking forward to brushing your teeth.

4. PHILIPS "Sonicare Healthy White Plus HX8915/01"

Philips Sonicare series has the highest share in the dentistry industry, and it is the only electric toothbrush that emits ultrasonic waves. The sound-wave water flow originally developed by the company effectively removes plaque to leave teeth smooth and clean. Also, the “white mode” featured with “Sonicare Healthy White Plus HX8915/01” (open price) powerfully removes stains to help teeth regain their natural whiteness as you continue to use it.

4. PHILIPS "Sonicare Healthy White Plus HX8915/01"

Did you find any toothbrush that you liked? An electric toothbrush is a dependable partner protecting your indispensable teeth and oral health. So, let’s find one that best matches with your needs and start taking care of your oral health effectively.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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